• Is there a Perfect time to get Married?

    Across social media, it’s common to hear conversations about what people think will help a marriage last, but it’s rare to find people who discuss when they think is the right time to actually say “I Do.” Understandably, the factors that play a role in this decision very from couple to couple. But can the timing in which it’s done, put you in a better position to have a chance at a successful marriage?

    46m | Feb 12, 2022
  • Should We Cancel Our Culture?

    Our cultures, traditions, and influences can be some of the best parts that make us who we are. But have you ever thought about how those same aspects can also be a hinderance in your life? When we are used to thinking, seeing, and moving one way, it can be difficult for us to accept a new outlook on life that may contradict what we’ve been taught or what we’ve experienced. However, this simple act of being closed minded or dismissive may prevent us from reaching the levels of success we could have reached. Is operating in your social norms worth that risk, or should you Cancel some of your Culture?

    29m | Feb 8, 2022
  • Is Your Hair Costing You Opportunities?

    Hair is an important element in our culture. Not only does it give us a chance to express ourselves or formulate a new image, it can also be a symbol that pays homage to specific traditions that originated in various regions around the world. However, with the diverseness in the United States, it can be common for many to misconstrue the "hair statement" we're trying to make. Sometimes, the perception others have of us can overpower our genuine intent. The word, "hair" may be a simple four letter word, yet the meaning and representation behind it can be so complex. So, Is Your Hair Costing You Opportunities?

    34m | Oct 31, 2021
  • Conscious of a BLK Man Trailer

    The Conscious of a Blk Man Podcast is an open conversation, where your host Damian Foreman and co-host Christopher Shelvin, will dig beneath the surface and uncover various factors that control how we see the world, and how we make we decisions every single day. This an inside look into the Conscious of a Blk Man. 

    1m | Aug 22, 2021
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Conscious of a BLK Man