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Confidently Lost

Self-proclaimed conversationalist, Kera Daughtery aka ✰Keke✰, is a multifaceted 22-year-old college student on a mission to change the world one authentic conversation at a time. After years of feeling disconnected from her emotional wellness, Kera decided to partake in a lifelong journey of bringing harmony and equilibrium into her daily life & she hopes to encourage other twenty-somethings to do the same. Confidently Lost is a down-to-earth podcast unearthing the unspoken truth about life in your twenties and providing a safe-space for both guests and listeners to get real & raw about their experiences during the “defining decade.” Through candid conversations about anything from finding purpose in this lifetime to reminiscing on the chaos that is freshman year, Kera hopes to empower other twenty-somethings to celebrate the beauty in imperfections & embrace the growing pains.