Complicated Discord

Hello World... Enjoy the journey into madness, the introduction to the unspoken, the awkward talk about the elephant in the room. Hope you like it.


Comp Dis Ep 20: 🚫Baby Yoda, Bad Grammar Breakup, Pope👁👁 @ T&A,🔥Throwers in BK , & more.
Show Details1hr 5min
Comp Dis Ep 19: Sugar Daddies Avail., Toaster 🥩,Male Lace fronts, Cousins get👰🏾 Married ,& more.
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Comp Dis Ep.18: Coke Legal?,Petty: Lvl.100, Food Fights, Queefing Class, Gamestop Emp. Dance 4 Wrk🕓
Show Details1hr 5min
Comp Dis: Ep 17: Wage Woes, 🚫Friend-zoned, StockX Culture, Gay🏳️‍🌈Penguins, & G.O.T: Trial By Combat
Show Details1hr 5min
Complicated Discord Ep. 16: Masked Differences, Swiss WiFi Deal, Fake Jewels, Dogshit, & No Sex.
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Complicated Discord Ep. 15: Inmates Stimulus, Trump's Taxes, Biden's Flyswatters, Tapeworms, & more.
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Complicated Discord: Ep. 14: V.P. Debate, Trump’s Corona, Women's Preference & Men's Shame , & more.
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Complicated Discord: Episode 13: The 2020 Presidential Debate
Show Details1hr 15min
Complicated Discord, Episode 12: No Justice for Breonna, Aunt Becky's Privilege, Cardi's Divorce.
Show Details59min 27s
Complicated Discord, Episode 11: Broke Lazy Men, Dre's $2M, Pay My Bills or FOH, Body Count Calamity
Show Details1hr 6min
Complicated Discord: Episode 10: Why Did 9/11Happen?, Covid’s Motives, Moon Race, The Mandela Effect
Show Details1hr
Complicated Discord: Episode 9: R.I.P. KING, Piper's March, Masika's Mistake, & Justice for Jacob
Show Details55min 27s
Complicated Discord, Episode 8: August Alsina's Entangled, Selah Speaks, & Megan's Sings
Show Details1hr
Complicated Discord, Episode 7: WAP , OnlyFans, & Entitled employer
Show Details55min 22s
Complicated Discord, Episode 6: women's choices , Ex-Offenders not so second chance, & Loc Ban
Show Details59min 51s
Complicated Discord, Episode 5: Building Wealth , & Religion and spirituality
Show Details1hr 9min
Complicated Discord, Episode 4: Stereotype Propagation, Men's Rights, & Baby Mothers
Show Details1hr 17min
Complicated Discord, Episode 3. Mask Protest, Corona School Opening, & Kanye West
Show Details53min 26s
Complicated Discord, Episode 2: BLM and Kids Returning to School
Show Details1hr 8min
Complicated Discord, Episode 1: Gender Specific Roles, Generational Wealth, & Child Raising
Show Details1hr 16min