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Commonweal Theatre Podcast

Since 1989 the Commonweal has been southeastern Minnesota’s premier professional live theater company. With a rotating repertory of comedies, dramas, musicals and more, we offer something for everyone. Located in historic Bluff Country, the Commonweal is consistently ranked as one of the top things to do in Lanesboro, MN. This podcast focuses on Commonweal Theatre Company members and guest artists.

Drama Unfolds Where the Root River Bends.


Erika DeGraff and Tinne Rosenmeier on Good People
Show Details34min
A Tale of Two Apprentices - John and Tanner in the Summer Rep!
Show Details40min 15s
Brandt & Elizabeth - Carrying Lanesboro with Them
Show Details38min 13s
Jeremy van Meter is really funny - even if you usually only see him do drama!
Show Details29min
Tim & Josiah with the 2022 Season about to Open!
Show Details52min 49s
Commonweal's first 2022 Apprentice, Grace Cummings
Show Details59min 7s
Hal & the 2022 Season Preview
Show Details37min 44s
Tim and Josiah's First Pod
Show Details34min 12s
Ashley Graham - So many characters in Come Back
Show Details22min 59s
Matt Vichlach -Sound Designer for Come Back
Show Details29min 16s
Elizabeth Dunn on Complete Works!
Show Details20min 35s
Rachel Kuhnle - Director of Dancing Lessons
Show Details26min 18s
The Tell Tale Heart
Show Details14min 14s
Catie Glynn and Root River Anthology
Show Details33min 2s
Conversations in Isolation: Rachel Kuhnle
Show Details24min 20s
Conversations in Isolation: Brandt Roberts
Show Details19min 18s
Conversations in Isolation: Kayla!
Show Details22min 44s
Conversations in Isolation: How We Got Here - Elizabeth Dunn
Show Details24min 42s
Brandt Roberts and The Fox 4.2.20
Show Details37min
Adrienne Sweeney and Scrooge and Photos and more - Commonweal Theatre Podcast
Show Details51min 29s
Jeremy van Meter and Auditions and Doubt - Commonweal Theatre Podcast
Show Details1hr 1min
Ben Gorman and An Iliad - Commonweal Theatre Podcast
Show Details31min 10s