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Common Thread

Common Thread is a podcast in which two minds across oceans discuss media, society and culture hosted by Nnenna, a Ghanaian-Nigerian with a passion for words and moving images, and Yamini, an Indian with a deep interest for all things at the intersection of pop culture and social justice. Instagram: @commonthreadcast


010. Behind the Buzz: Self-Care
Show Details45min 23s
009. Adulting: Timing is Everything
Show Details43min 55s
008. Lockdowniversary + Windsor Interview
Show Details1hr 7min
007. Fashion and Self-Expression
Show Details50min 14s
006. 'Namaste Wahala': Worth the Watch?
Show Details52min 22s
005. What's Your Study Style?
Show Details45min
004. Hair, There, Everywhere
Show Details37min 44s
003. What's in a Name?
Show Details45min 4s
002. Food, Food, Glorious Food
Show Details39min 13s
001. Goodbye 2020 + The Crown Season 4
Show Details55min 16s