Common Land

Common Land explores the creation stories behind protected areas. In each season of the show, we take a deep dive into the history, science and politics behind the establishment of one particular patch of protected common land. National parks, monuments, conservation areas, national scenic trails - any area that has been granted protected status by government is fair game for exploration on this new documentary style podcast series.

Season one is focused on a National Conservation Area in Idaho that is home to a unique population of birds of prey.


BONUS Episode: A Positive Experience
Show Details17min 28s
BONUS Episode: A Tribute to John Freemuth
Show Details28min 19s
BONUS Episode: COVID-19 and the Appalachian Trail
Show Details40min 37s
Birds of Prey Episode 10: The Climate Crisis and Our Uncertain Future
Show Details39min 36s
Birds of Prey Episode 9: The Cheatgrass Fire Cycle
Show Details46min 28s
Birds of Prey Episode 8: Unceded Land
Show Details29min
Birds of Prey Episode 7: Ancient History
Show Details28min 54s
Birds of Prey Episode 6: Combat Training
Show Details29min 36s
Birds of Prey Episode 5: A National Conservation Area
Show Details29min 49s
Birds of Prey Episode 4: The Swan Falls Agreement
Show Details34min 46s
Birds of Prey Episode 3: Land of the Prairie Falcon
Show Details30min 45s
Birds of Prey Episode 2: Protecting the Canyon
Show Details31min 3s
Birds of Prey Episode 1: Morley's Vision
Show Details29min 10s
Season One trailer
Show Details3min 17s