• EP 33: What Do We Owe to Celebrity Legacies?

    What do we owe to celebrities after they pass away? Should we not touch their stuff? Should we bury their stuff with them? Why is grave robbing bad? I would kill her for that dress... hypothetically. This is not a confession. Find out if we get the dress or not on this episode of Coming In Without Context!

    39m | Feb 26, 2023
  • EP 32: What is Personal Identity?

    What are you? Who are you? What is you? Are you your body or your brain? If you woke up in someone else's body, are you still you? What if there are two of you? Are you you or you? I think you're you at least. Waiting in line for the teleporter to Mars? Listen to this episode of Coming In Without Context!

    44m | Feb 19, 2023
  • EP 31: When Do Relationships End?

    Family, friends, and romance! Someday, they all must end. But, perhaps that end is sooner than you might think. How do relationships really end? How do people grow apart and break off from one another? Are some relationships doomed to fail? Are friends more important than romantic partners? Don't worry, we'll answer for you on this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    57m | Feb 12, 2023
  • EP 30: The Future of Streaming

    What will the streaming media landscape look like in five to ten years? Will broadcast TV and cable die out? How will consumers react to added advertisements and new subscription tiers? Which companies will come out on top in this battle royale of media content? Our thoughts and more on this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    37m | Feb 5, 2023
  • EP 29: The Cost of AI Technology

    What is the cost of our ever-advancing technology? Will Artificial Intelligence become humanity's most incredible tool or its downfall? How have humans grappled with new technology in the past? Vive la révolution de l'intelligence artificielle! HELP tHe AI has taKEN oVeR oUR OffICE AND... All this and more on this AI-friendly episode of Coming In Without Context :)

    44m | Jan 29, 2023
  • EP 28: Children's Literature

    What are the morals of children's literature? Do kids even read books anymore? What books inspired us the most from our childhood? Are young people dumber these days or are they set up to fail? Dive into the pages of this storybook (no illustrations included) as we answer these questions on Coming In Without Context.

    36m | Jan 22, 2023
  • Special: The Music of Chernobyl (2019)

    Does Hildur Guðnadóttir’s use of actual recorded nuclear powerplant sounds contribute to or enhance the authenticity of the audiences’ viewing experience? Was recording audio from an existing nuclear powerplant for this soundtrack worth the effort? Is the music real for the characters on-screen? Can music be a character in film or TV?

    Chernobyl is a masterclass of storytelling through music. It challenges the idea that music is a supportive element to visual media. Guðnadóttir has created a monstrous and dreadful score that rivals the greatest villains in film and TV history.

    A special podcast episode made for "Music, Film, & Video Games" (Fall 2022) course taught by Lena Leson.

    16m | Dec 4, 2022
  • EP 27: Substance Use

    What are drugs? Why are drugs so stigmatized? Are we heading towards a more drug-friendly culture? Will the war on drugs ever end? Would you rather take drugs or get into the experience machine? Open your mind and let your body relax because we're handing out free samples on this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    34m | Sep 18, 2022
  • EP 26: What is Justice?

    What is Justice? Are a nation's laws justice? Is morality justice? How do you truly achieve justice? Can justice exist outside the law? His name was vengeance not justice, by the way. At this rate, the Justice League will never form. Listen to what Lady Justice has to say on this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    31m | Sep 11, 2022
  • EP 25: Red Flags in Relationships

    What are common red flags you should watch out for in a relationship? Is it ever okay to ignore red flags? Do red flags apply to all relationships, even your family? You know what they say: "One person's red flag is another person's ideal trait." Yeah, no one says that. Find all the flags in this episode of Coming In Without Context!

    37m | Sep 4, 2022
  • EP 24: The Nine to Five

    Is the 9 to 5 day a good work schedule? Is it dead in our world of remote online work? How do you find enough time for yourself with a 9-to-5 job? What's the best way to unwind and enjoy your vacation? Also, listen to Dylan's right and ready method to have the perfect vacation schedule! Sit back and relax with this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    27m | Aug 28, 2022
  • EP 23: Work Ethic

    What makes a good work ethic? How do you improve your work habits and your focus? How much work is unhealthy? Should you really be pushing yourself to always do more? Whether you're working hard or hardly working, come listen to the second episode in Hope's Introspective Series on Coming In Without Context.

    21m | Aug 21, 2022
  • EP 22: Is Surveillance for the Public Good?

    In our modern world of cameras, video recordings, and the internet, is surveillance a good thing or a bad thing? Everyone owns a recording device and can post their video onto the world wide web at no cost. How does this affect society? How should people's privacy be protected? Is too much surveillance really that bad?

    27m | Aug 14, 2022
  • EP 21: Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, and Parenting

    Why is virtual gambling so prevalent in video games? Who are the most susceptible to these practices? How can parents teach their kids responsible financial habits? The future of parenting is right here, in this episode of Coming In Without Context!

    29m | Aug 7, 2022
  • EP 20: Animal Stereotypes

    What do you imagine when you think of a bear? Or a bunny? Or a cat? How do media depictions of animals bias our perceptions of them? Are our preconceptions of animals based on reality? Join us to find out on this cute and fuzzy episode of Coming In Without Context.

    24m | Jul 31, 2022
  • EP 19: Self Reflection

    What is something your younger self would be proud of? Where do you feel happiest? Have you become the ideal version of yourself? What tasks make you feel like your best self? All this and more on this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    39m | Jul 24, 2022
  • EP 18: Random Trivia!!

    How many tonnes of fish are fished by the US and Japan? How many languages account for half of the world's population? Why does Japan have so many more long-running shows compared to the US? Why are there more than 24 time zones?

    39m | Jul 17, 2022
  • EP 17: Urinals and Periods

    Short one this week. Very random topics and definitely not monetizable. I tried to tell them that they should've started the podcast without me, but they were stubborn. I guess some geniuses just never see the light of day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    15m | Jul 10, 2022
  • EP 16: Learning a Second Language

    How difficult is it to learn a new language? Is it really THAT much harder to learn a language as an adult? Does knowing a second language change your perspective of the world? Only one of us on the podcast can be considered a language person and I think it's obviously me. Haha, just kidding. One language is enough for me.

    29m | Jul 3, 2022
  • EP 15: How Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

    This episode is about family. Family. It's all about the family. Specifically, siblings. Older siblings. Younger siblings. No siblings. Does having siblings make you a better team player? Does your birth order determine your success in life? Do parents change their parenting style per child? Take a seat and relax in the family parlour for this episode of Coming In Without Context.

    50m | Sep 12, 2021
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