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Coming In Without Context

You ever join mid-conversation and have no clue what's going on? Each week, we will discuss a brand new topic but one of us will be third wheeling a conversation which has already started. Let's see how it goes!


EP 27: Drugs
Show Details34min 28s
EP 26: What is Justice?
Show Details31min 3s
EP 25: Red Flags in Relationships
Show Details37min 8s
EP 24: The Nine to Five
Show Details27min
EP 23: Work Ethic
Show Details21min 41s
EP 22: Is Surveillance for the Public Good?
Show Details27min 54s
EP 21: Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, and Parenting
Show Details29min 35s
EP 20: Animal Stereotypes
Show Details24min 42s
EP 19: Self Reflection
Show Details39min 35s
EP 18: Random Trivia!!
Show Details39min 36s
EP 17: Urinals and Periods
Show Details15min 32s
EP 16: Learning a Second Language
Show Details29min 54s
EP 15: How Does Birth Order Affect Personality?
Show Details50min 36s
EP 14: Should The Internet Be More Private?
Show Details48min 19s
EP 13: What Do We Owe The Environment?
Show Details29min 33s
EP 12: The Green Pig Knight
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 11: To Whom Are We Obliged?
Show Details35min 56s
EP 10: The Ethics of Minecraft
Show Details35min 11s
EP 9: Our Relationship With Animals
Show Details36min 29s
EP 8: Influencers. No, Not Those Ones
Show Details26min 55s
EP 7: What Should Be Humanity's Goal?
Show Details34min 31s
EP 6: The Next Steps
Show Details34min 44s
EP 5: How Does Technology Affect What It Means To Be Human?
Show Details30min 42s
EP 4: Are Texts Private?
Show Details32min 37s
EP 3: What Makes 'Good' Art?
Show Details22min 27s
EP 2: How Do We Solve World Peace?
Show Details29min 15s
EP 1: Being Right, Being Wrong
Show Details34min 17s