Coming Black 2 Africa

Coming Black 2 Africa Seeks to leverage on the experiences of those who have gone through the journey of returning home to help guide those desirous of taking the journey and those fresh in their journey. We peel back the layers and discuss how a day to day experience looks like; food options, financial options and building friendships. How can “welcoming parties” best support returnees, and present the possibility of new recruits connecting back, supporting those ahead and providing guidance on their own return. 

The show also looks at infrastructure development around a return journey; bilateral agreements, immigration changes and much more. 


EP 009- Robert's Coming Black Experience
Show Details27min 55s
EP 008- Growing your career in Africa
Show Details1hr 33min
EP 007-Go Black 2 Africa
Show Details46min 4s
EP 006-How being of service is the best way to succeed in life
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 005-Telling our stories with Dr. Duncan Ojwang
Show Details36min 42s
EP 004-Away to Africa with Tiffanie Anderson
Show Details49min 18s
EP 003- Savor The World abundantly with Angel.
Show Details34min 54s
EP 002-Blooming in Kenya & East Africa with Joanne Ball-Burgess.
Show Details40min 8s
EP 001-Welcome to Coming Black 2 Africa
Show Details8min