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Come and Go

What do people really get out of sexting? How toxic is PornHub? What’s the best way to give head? In Come and Go, Lithium Magazine editors Olivia Ferrucci and Quin Cunningham tackle everything sex and love—and make fun of their own escapades. The result is a funny, intimate look at how young people are viewing themselves, their sexuality, and their partners. Tune in every Friday for a new episode.


Holiday Whores
Show Details28min 11s
Stupid Sluts Club
Show Details50min 12s
New York Cock Exchange
Show Details47min 56s
Pay Pigs, Pegging, and Plugs (Ft. Ana Salazar)
Show Details46min 47s
A Hole New World
Show Details51min
The Horny Hotline
Show Details48min 10s
What Are You Doing, Stepbro?
Show Details46min 2s