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Coffee & Coding: the App Developer Podcast

Interviews & insights with experienced developer's across all aspects of App Development. Whether you're a veteran developer or just getting started - listen weekly as I go in depth with professionals on topics ranging from Flutter, Cyber Security, Freelancing, Android, iOS & much much more!


S3 E8: Michael Vogiatzis - How to Build Wealth as a Software Developer
Show Details49min 43s
S3 E7 – Catalin Ghita: Is Compose Really the End Of XML? (& How to Nail Your Next interview!)
Show Details1hr 19min
S3 E6 - How To Get 5 Years Experience, in Just 2 Years!
Show Details8min 18s
S3 E5 - Ed Holloway-George: Building Secure Apps, Root/Jailbreak Detection, Tap Jacking & more!
Show Details35min 56s
S3 E4 - Rafael Costa: Is Compose Production Ready, What is Clean Code, Compose Navigation and more!
Show Details34min 22s
S3 E3 - Florian Walther: From Youtube Developer to Startup Founder
Show Details35min 40s
S3 E2 - Alex Styl: Quitting Apple to Become an Indie App Developer
Show Details36min 9s
S3 E1 - Donn Felker: Freelance Developer Masterclass, How to Price Yourself, How to Find Clients, Consulting, Contracting & more!
Show Details1hr 13min
S2 E11 - Working at Facebook, Education vs Industry, Providing Value as a Developer & more! w/ Rahul Pandey
Show Details37min 57s
S2 E10 - Becoming a Better Developer, Teaching Kids to Code & Mentoring Devs w/ John-Michael Velasquez
Show Details34min 28s
S2 E9 - Launching an App Startup in Flutter & Bitcoin Lightening Payments w/ Oscar Merry
Show Details41min 6s
S2 E8 - What Kind of Developer are You?
Show Details18min 26s
S2 E7 - the Future of Android w/ Vasiliy Zukanov
Show Details1hr 3min
S2 E6 - How to Become A Better Developer
Show Details13min 32s
S2 E5 - Remote Logging, Code Readability & Over Engineering w/ Elisha Sterngold
Show Details27min 17s
S2 E4 -Kill Switches, A/B Testing & Other Tools Underutilised By App Developers
Show Details15min 30s
S2 E3 - Coding in flow w/ Florian Walther
Show Details47min 15s
S2 E2 - How to Succeed in Bad Interviews
Show Details11min 7s
S2 E1 - How to Get Hired as an App Developer in 2022 w/ Taylor Desseyn
Show Details51min 22s
Trailer: Season 2 is Coming!
Show Details1min 44s
41 - Rewind: João Dias: Making a Living on the Play Store, Tasker, Working around OS Permissions, App Stalkers & more!
Show Details44min 52s
40 - Rewind: Android Conspiracy Theories, Freelancing, Tech Blogging, Course Creation & more! w/ Vasiliy Zukanov
Show Details1hr 11min
39 - Rewind: Hacking mobile apps w/ Jahmel Harris
Show Details51min 2s
38 - From Writing Code for Nuclear Submarines to Founding 4 App Focused Startups w/ Dan Burcaw
Show Details52min
37 - 3 Tips That Got Me 100k App Installs in 2 Weeks
Show Details16min 25s
36 - 3 Tips to Successfully Deliver a Freelance Project
Show Details18min 15s
35 - How To Grow Your Developer Brand on Instagram w/ Phillip Lackner
Show Details32min 13s
34 - From Nano Degree to Google Featured Android Developer w/ David Odari
Show Details31min 18s
33 - How Secure is Your App, Hacking Medical Devices, the Blockchain Bandit & more! w/ Ted Harrington
Show Details52min 42s
32 - Being A Lead Developer, Contractor Mortgage's, the Problem with Google's Apps, Getting a Book Published & more! w/ Eran Boudjnah
Show Details38min 10s
31 - Why your CV/Resume SUCKS.. And How to Fix It.
Show Details16min 54s
30 - SMS 2FA is NOT secure, Apple Held to Ransom, Writing Secure Code, the Hacker's Mindset & more! w/ Greg Edwards
Show Details45min 51s
29 - What the F*** is BDD, Becoming a T Shaped Developer, Being a Lead Engineer & more! w/ Teresa Wu
Show Details45min 56s
Bonus: How I Passed on a Startup that Exited for $14m, 6 months later!
Show Details39min 42s
28 - Becoming More Hireable - Why I Advocate Releasing Your OWN Apps
Show Details18min 53s
27 - Technical Interview Tips from a Serial Interviewer
Show Details15min 11s
26 - Going from Full Time Employee to Freelancer in 2021
Show Details15min 6s
25 - Timirah James: A Non Linear Journey into Coding, Knowing Your Worth, Tech Evangelism, Guiding Women to Tech & more!
Show Details1hr 18min
24 - Tracy Lee: Being a Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Life in the Bay Area for Reals, Starting a Code Consultancy & more!!
Show Details32min 57s
23 - Starting Your Own App Development Studio with Adedayo Omosanya
Show Details24min 54s
22 - Jon Helmus: Cyber Security, Pen Testing, Red Teaming, the vulnerability of developer tools like Firebase & much more!
Show Details52min 12s
Bonus: Rob J on the Code Story Podcast
Show Details42min 5s
21 - João Dias: Making a Living on the Play Store, Tasker, Working around OS Permissions, App Stalkers & more!
Show Details45min 40s
20 - Benedict Seyer: IAP Price Optimization, Dynamic App Pricing, Launching a Mobile SDK SAAS on Product Hunt & more!
Show Details34min 30s
19 - Simon Lightfoot: All things Flutter! What it is, how it works, why it's better than native(!!), it's future & more!
Show Details58min 38s
18 - Olivier Bloch: All things IOT (Internet of Things)
Show Details50min 33s
17 - Frederyk Linhares: Rescuing a Legacy App, from a million downloads + 2 stars to BTF architecture + 4 stars!
Show Details1hr 6min
16 - Freelancing 101: the Pro's, the Con's, Tips to Getting Hired, Finding Work, Risk vs Security, Listener Q+A & more!
Show Details32min 26s
15 - Jonathan Cutrell: Developer Tea, Remote Working, Long Term Thinking, Made Up Job Titles & more!
Show Details1hr 5min
14 - Andrew McAvinchey: Marketing on a Budget, Why You Should Take Investment, Organic vs Paid Reach, Why You Shouldn't Do Everything Yourself, Sales + Marketing in 2020 & much more!
Show Details50min 47s
13 - Vasiliy Zukanov: Freelancing, Tech Blogging, Android Conspiracy Theories, Course Creation, Youtube, Working with Startups & more!
Show Details1hr 11min
#12 - Brian Plummer: Working for the New York Times, Mobile Development in 2010, GraphQL, Fakes vs Mocks, Code Reviews and more!
Show Details34min 9s
#11 - Mitch Tabian: Becoming A Successful Course Creator On Youtube, How to Decide On Content, Udemy vs Self Hosting, Creating Courses vs Freelancing, PC's vs Mac's and more!
Show Details48min 17s
#10 - Noah Labhart: Starting a Mobile Development Studio, Founding a Successful Startup, Networking for Clients, Tech Tests, What Being CTO actually involves & so much more!
Show Details55min 41s
#9 - Luke Klinker: Building Successful Independent Apps, the Pro's of Freemium, Open Sourcing Apps & Launching to Success in 2020
Show Details41min 7s
#8 - Working with Internal Libraries + Why They're Useful, Writing Open Source Software, Dependency Injection & Declarative UI Frameworks - with Sherry Yuan
Show Details20min 16s
#7 - How to Protect Your App from Hackers, Mobile Cyber Security, Pentration Testing Apps and Android vs iOS Security - with Jahmel Harris
Show Details50min 45s
#6 - From professional Cyclist to iOS Developer, building Apple Watch apps and working with Apple's Natural Language processing framework, with Tim Mikelj
Show Details35min 30s
#5 - Getting hired, how to stand out as a candidate & how to better work with recruiters with Software Engineer turned Cyber Security Recruiter Tom Bugden
Show Details33min 1s
#4 - Kotlin Multiplatform 101, cross platform code sharing & J2ObjC with Gijs van Veen
Show Details36min 16s
#3 - Serverside Swift, Unit Testing, Scaling as a Startup & Cycling Apps with iOS Lead Andrea Scuderi
Show Details42min 23s
#2 - Being a Digital Nomad, working location independant, freelancing for Google & living the 4 Hour Work Week lifestyle with Mike Akakpo
Show Details57min 5s
#1 - From web to app developer, building apps for Android + Apple TV, and creating online coding courses - with David Cruz Anaya
Show Details32min 47s
Show Details47s