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Code Story

In a tech startup, how do you get from an idea on the back of a napkin to a fully functioning product? Code Story is a podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting the roads they travelled and the products they created. On the show, we interview tech visionaries, digging into the critical moments of what it takes to change an industry, and build (and lead) a team that has your back.

Hosted by Noah Labhart, this show is a window into the digital startup world. In their own words, tech veterans share what it feels like to create a world class product, how to recover from critical mistakes, and how to scale your solution to the masses.

Their tech. Their products. Their stories.

This podcast is for the founder, tech leader, CTO, CEO, developer, software architect, startup leader, disruptive visionary - or the curious minded individual, who wants to know what a builder goes through in creating world changing technology.


S7 Bonus: Ruslan K, Filmustage
Show Details19min 47s
S7 Bonus: Max Koziolek, Spectrm
Show Details23min 29s
S7 E6: Jon Darbyshire, SmartSuite
Show Details32min 20s
S7 Bonus: Andrew Zhou, Kona
Show Details30min 9s
S7 E5: Vicki Duben, Viewst
Show Details24min 48s
HarperDB Update - Jaxon Repp, Head of Product
Show Details18min 37s
S7 Bonus: Luca Rossi, Refactoring
Show Details25min 4s
S7 Bonus: Dan Lorenc, Chainguard
Show Details16min 25s
S7 E4: Yuliia Tkachova, Masthead Data
Show Details22min 19s
S7 Bonus: Josh Lewis, Sensible
Show Details31min 19s
S7 Bonus: Andrew Hoag, Teampay
Show Details26min 20s
S7 E3: Stephany LaPierre, Tealbook
Show Details29min 7s
S7 Bonus: Nat Robinson, Trustworthy
Show Details24min 52s
S7 Bonus: Dan Draper, CipherStash
Show Details24min 57s
S7 E2: Marie Ng, Llama Life
Show Details28min 48s
S7 Bonus: Aaron Upright, Zenhub
Show Details25min 37s
S7 Bonus: Arjun Bhatnagar, Cloaked
Show Details28min 36s
S7 E1: Ian Small, Evernote
Show Details31min 45s
Season 7 Trailer
Show Details45s
S6 Bonus: Alexander Deeb, Classhook (Replay)
Show Details20min 32s
S6 Bonus: Adam Newman, Pyrl (Replay)
Show Details36min 29s
S6 Bonus: Harshil Parikh, Tromzo
Show Details23min 33s
S6 Bonus: Gavin Mendel-Gleason, TerminusDB
Show Details22min 24s
S6 Bonus: Jennifer Smith, Scribe
Show Details34min 24s
S6 E30: Liam Gerada, Krepling
Show Details23min 28s
Microsoft Careers with Girish & Junior!
Show Details29min 7s
S6 Bonus: Addison Higham, StreamNative
Show Details26min 3s
Tutelage of Treehouse - Graham Morby, Sr. Software Engineer
Show Details23min
S6 E29: Irina Bednova, Cordless
Show Details28min
S6 Bonus: Andre Ferraz, Incognia
Show Details32min 29s
S6 Bonus: Robert Cooke, 3Forge
Show Details21min 59s
Tutelage of Treehouse - Daniel McElroy, WV Coding Club
Show Details11min 10s
S6 E28: Tyson Kunosvsky, Autocloud
Show Details28min 19s
S6 Bonus: Saksham Sharda, Outgrow
Show Details24min 4s
S6 Bonus: Mike Cruz, Protégé
Show Details28min 48s
Tutelage of Treehouse - Dustin Usey, Treehouse
Show Details9min 38s
S6 E27: Gina Bianchini, Mighty Networks
Show Details31min 2s
S6 Bonus: Omer Rosenbaum, Swimm
Show Details16min 21s
S6 Bonus: Andreas Creten, madewithlove
Show Details30min 13s
Tutelage of Treehouse - Cynthia Kao, Operation Code
Show Details16min 18s
S6 E26: Aria Hahn, Pocketed
Show Details30min 6s
S6 Bonus: Chakri Devarakonda, Tavant
Show Details22min 39s
S6 Bonus: Ben Turner, Verituity
Show Details22min 19s
Tutelage of Treehouse - Jason Gilmore, Treehouse
Show Details18min 50s
S6 E25: Tom Hacohen, Svix
Show Details23min 2s
S6 Bonus: Mark Porter, MongoDB
Show Details29min 16s
S6 Bonus: Maria Meier, Phantasma Labs
Show Details20min 52s
Notifications North Star - Stephanie Griffith, Marketing Expert
Show Details20min 32s
S6 E24: Matt Young, UserVoice
Show Details29min 16s
S6 Bonus: Tyler Rohrer, Remotely
Show Details28min 35s
S6 Bonus: Andrew Salvadore, Coinrule
Show Details23min 44s
Notifications North Star - Troy Goode, Courier
Show Details11min 9s
S6 E23: Franzi Low, Localyze
Show Details26min 32s
S6 Bonus: Shaunak Roy, Yellowdig
Show Details31min 2s
Notifications North Star - Vatasha White, Courier
Show Details7min 29s
S6 E22: Matt Provo, Stormforge
Show Details31min 32s
S6 Bonus: Temilola Adebayo, HumanSquad
Show Details25min 32s
S6 Bonus: Christine Spang, Nylas
Show Details46min 21s
Notifications North Star - Patrick Malatack, Matrix Partners
Show Details17min 19s
S6 E21: Douwe Maan, Meltano
Show Details51min 30s
S6 Bonus: Jon Dahl, Mux
Show Details26min 57s
Notifications North Star - Eric Koslow, Lattice
Show Details12min 25s
S6 E20: Izzy Azeri, mabl
Show Details21min 42s
S6 Bonus: George Georgallides, Basis Health
Show Details27min 10s
S6 Bonus: Savarth Misra, ContractPodAI
Show Details28min 34s
S6 E19: Kirk Marple, Unstruk Data
Show Details24min 8s
S6 Bonus: Beier Cai,
Show Details33min 58s
S6 Bonus: Patrick Bryant, CODE + TRUST
Show Details36min 23s
S6 E18: Or Weis,
Show Details34min 35s
S6 Bonus: Stephanie Florio, Swob
Show Details27min 54s
S6 E17: Girish Redekar, Sprinto
Show Details21min 40s
S6 Bonus: Austin Parker, Lightstep
Show Details47min 41s
S6 Bonus: Stephen Mathai-Davis,
Show Details24min 41s
S6 E16: Jimmy Jacobson,
Show Details27min 8s
S6 Bonus: Lars Grønnegaard, Dreamdata
Show Details25min 29s
S6 Bonus: Jack Naglieri, Panther Labs
Show Details32min 11s
S6 E15: Itiel Schwartz, Komodor
Show Details26min 6s
S6 Bonus: Todd Larsen, Tech Leaders
Show Details20min 3s
S6 Bonus: Marin Smiljanic, Omnisearch
Show Details25min 48s
S6 Bonus: Aaron Bromberg, StimScience
Show Details28min 52s
S6 E14: Joe Pettersson, Banked
Show Details34min 16s
S6 Bonus: Dan Langevin, Vericred
Show Details19min 6s
S6 Bonus: Roy Ng, Bond
Show Details38min 35s
S6 E13: Alexander Luksidadi, Rose Rocket
Show Details29min 24s
S6 Bonus: Liran Haimovitch, Rookout
Show Details32min 15s
S6 Bonus: Perry Zheng, Cash Flow Portal
Show Details26min 23s
S6 E12: Bobby Gruenewald, YouVersion
Show Details43min 10s
S6 Bonus: Brandy & Ryan, Kitcaster
Show Details36min 17s
Mentorcam March - Josh Campbell
Show Details14min 44s
S6 E11: Hywel Carver, SkillerWhale
Show Details33min 2s
S6 Bonus: John Egan, Kintaba
Show Details43min 22s
S6 Bonus: Dr. Gordon Jones, Thrivacy
Show Details39min 24s
Mentorcam March - Edvard Engeseath
Show Details12min 53s
S6 E10: Tommy Yionoulis, OpsAnalitica
Show Details49min 40s
S6 Bonus: Verl Allen, Claravine
Show Details38min 4s
S6 Bonus: What's Your Problem?
Show Details13min 39s
Mentorcam March - Benjamin Salazs
Show Details12min 43s
S6 E9: Panos Siozos, LearnWorlds
Show Details37min 1s
S6 Bonus: Barak Schoster, Bridgecrew
Show Details32min 35s
Mentorcam March - Max Samuel
Show Details13min 19s
S6 E8: Ev Kontsevoy, Teleport
Show Details38min 22s
S6 Bonus: Prabhjot Singh, Pyze
Show Details42min 50s
Mentorcam March - Rune Hauge
Show Details10min 1s
S6 E7: Brian Vallelunga, Doppler
Show Details32min 44s
S6 Bonus: Raghav R S, Animaker
Show Details18min 40s
Mentorcam March!
Show Details1min 28s
S6 E6: John Myers,
Show Details31min 38s
S6 Bonus: Jim Fagan, Global Cloud Exchange
Show Details30min 41s
S6 Code Story on Goodpods!
Show Details1min 23s
S6 E5: Blake Garrett, Aceable
Show Details36min 8s
S6 Bonus: Michel Tricot, Airbyte
Show Details26min 45s
S6 Bonus: Vedran Cindrić, Treblle
Show Details31min 44s
S6 E4: Mike Boufford, Greenhouse
Show Details36min 46s
S6 Bonus: Lindsay Tjepkema, Casted
Show Details27min 29s
S6 Bonus: Rob Carpenter, Valyant
Show Details38min 58s
S6 E3: Matt Pierce, Immediate
Show Details49min 2s
S6 Bonus: Adam Newman, Pyrl
Show Details36min 29s
S6 Bonus: Matt Cowell, Quanthub
Show Details29min 20s
S6 E2: Trevor Marshall, Current
Show Details37min 36s
S6 Bonus: Alexander Deeb, Classhook
Show Details20min 32s
S6 Bonus: Reed McGinley-Stempel, Stytch
Show Details28min 22s
S6 E1: Stephen Blum, Pubnub
Show Details30min 55s
S5 Bonus: Guillermo Rauch, Vercel & Next.js (Replay)
Show Details39min 35s
S5 Bonus: Adrian Tobey, Groundhogg (Replay)
Show Details57min 37s
Season 6 Trailer
Show Details53s
Season 5 Sign Off
Show Details1min 26s
S5 Bonus: Shelby Stephens, Growth Match
Show Details43min 11s
S5 E30: Adam Wiggins, Muse
Show Details37min 49s
S5 Bonus: Lydia Davies, Teemates
Show Details23min 3s
S5 E29: Nick Clayton, Savitude
Show Details27min 32s
S5 Bonus: Marco Palladino, Kong
Show Details42min 52s
S5 E28: Oona Rokyta, Lance
Show Details29min 29s
S5 Bonus: Ari Jacoby, Deduce
Show Details21min 49s
S5 Bonus: Ben Downling, IPInfo
Show Details28min 57s
S5 Compiler Recast - What is the recipe for burnout?
Show Details27min 7s
S5 E27: Max Stoiber, GraphCDN
Show Details38min 37s
S5 Bonus: Darshan Mehta, iResearch
Show Details32min 34s
S5 Bonus: Ilan Peleg, Lightrun
Show Details35min 54s
S5 E26: Bruno Demuro, Armor Bionics
Show Details38min 43s
S5 Bonus: Kyle Bernhardy, HarperDB
Show Details42min 14s
S5 Bonus: Cherish Santoshi, SAWO Labs
Show Details28min 5s
S5 E25: Bobby Ross, Fire Hydrant
Show Details42min 12s
S5 Bonus: Luke Hoban, Pulumi
Show Details26min 59s
S5 E24: Thejo Kote, Airbase
Show Details47min 1s
S5 Bonus: Shinji Kim, Select Star
Show Details29min 52s
S5 Bonus: Adrian Tobey, Groundhogg
Show Details51min 6s
S5 Bonus: Brandon White, File Finder
Show Details40min 44s
S5 Compiler Recast – Why Should You Write Technical Documentation?
Show Details31min 28s
S5 E23: Ulf Schwekendiek,
Show Details31min 44s
S5 Bonus: Guillermo Rauch, Vercel & Next.js
Show Details33min 4s
S5 Bonus: David Ciccarelli,
Show Details56min 23s
S5 E22: Josh Dzielak, Orbit
Show Details33min 49s
S5 Bonus: Matt Dixon, Code Program
Show Details20min 51s
S5 Bonus: Oleg Friedman, Verb Data
Show Details30min 25s
S5 Bonus: Phil Lawson-Shanks, Aligned
Show Details35min 12s
S5 E21: Laura Butler, Uplift
Show Details47min 24s
S5 Bonus: Anthony Castrio, Indie Worldwide
Show Details20min 50s
S5 Bonus: Leon Kuperman,
Show Details44min 10s
S5 Compiler Recast - Do we want a world without technical debt?
Show Details21min 27s
S5 E20: Nate Joens, Structurely
Show Details33min 50s
S5 Bonus: Ryan Johnson, CallRail
Show Details48min 54s
S5 Bonus: Kordel France, Seekar Technologies
Show Details35min 27s
S5 Bonus: Philippe Kwiatkowski, Ubico
Show Details26min 27s
S5 E19: Joshua Wohle, Mindstone
Show Details39min 54s
S5 Bonus: Mahmoud Abdelkader, Very Good Security (VGS)
Show Details46min 41s
S5 Bonus: Sergei Egorov, AtomicJar
Show Details46min 40s
S5 E18: Tigran Nazaryan, 10Web
Show Details24min 13s
S5 Bonus: John Kodumal, LaunchDarkly
Show Details32min 10s
S5 Bonus: Brian Singer, Nobl9
Show Details32min 6s
S5 E17: LaKeisha Turner, AlgoPear
Show Details18min 12s
S5 Bonus: Lyric Jain, Logically
Show Details38min 18s
S5 Compiler Recast - Should Managers Code?
Show Details24min 44s
S5 E16: Veena Somareddy, Neuro Rehab VR
Show Details22min 3s
S5 Bonus: Adam Robinson, GetEmails
Show Details26min 35s
S5 Bonus: Paraag Sarva, Rhino
Show Details38min 34s
S5 E15: Matt Schwartz, Afresh
Show Details31min 39s
S5 Bonus: Cody Candee, Bounce
Show Details27min 45s
S5 Bonus: Andrew Childs, Shortcut (formerly
Show Details31min 23s
S5 E14: Derrick Reimer, SavvyCal
Show Details36min 30s
S5 Bonus: Greg Ratner, Troops
Show Details37min 29s
S5 E13: Andrew Butt, Enable
Show Details17min 59s
S5 Bonus: Rahul Sidhu, SpidrTech
Show Details32min 42s
S5 E12: Chris Wexler, Krunam
Show Details34min 4s
S5 Bonus: Brendan Wood, Passiv
Show Details39min 16s
S5 E11: Alexander Alimovs,
Show Details27min 8s
S5 Bonus: Colin Chartier, (Formerly Layer CI)
Show Details27min 57s
S5 E10: Slater Victoroff, Indico
Show Details34min 18s
S5 Bonus: Jody Shapiro, Productiv
Show Details40min 16s
S5 Bonus: Ken Gavranovic, Unqork
Show Details25min 13s
S5 E9: Valerie Coffman, Swayable
Show Details25min 27s
S5 Bonus: Jay Haynes, THRV
Show Details32min 3s
S5 E8: Marko Anastasov, Semaphore
Show Details34min 10s
S5 Bonus: Josh Millet, Criteria
Show Details25min 34s
S5 E7: Kristen Buchanan, Edify
Show Details37min 25s
S5 Bonus: Angel Munoz, Beacon
Show Details34min 48s
S5 E6: Braden Stenning, Raven
Show Details31min 54s
S5 Bonus: Meha Agrawal, Silk & Sonder
Show Details33min 39s
S5 E5: Kirt Debique, SyncFloor
Show Details28min 28s
S5 Bonus: Shaun Cooley, Mapped
Show Details41min 26s
S5 E4: Hazel Savage, Musiio
Show Details29min 49s
Bonus: Real World AI
Show Details33min 14s
S5 E3: Alex Yurkowski, ClickUp
Show Details25min 37s
S5 Bonus: Eric Futoran,
Show Details30min 35s
S5 E2: Miriam Schwab, Strattic
Show Details41min 46s
S5 Bonus: Timur Mamedov,
Show Details37min
S5 E1: Abhinav Asthana, Postman
Show Details23min 41s
Season 5 Trailer
Show Details48s
S4 Bonus: Sophy Lee, HopSkipDrive (Replay)
Show Details29min 51s
S4 Bonus: Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp (Replay)
Show Details26min 5s
Season 4 Sign Off
Show Details1min 31s
S4 Bonus: The Inventive Journey
Show Details26min 47s
S4 E21: Ofer Shaked, SCADAFence
Show Details30min 55s
S4 Bonus: Aggie Growth Hacks
Show Details25min 50s
S4 E20: Paul Biggar, Dark
Show Details26min 4s
S4 Bonus: Erik Chelstad, Observa
Show Details36min 59s
S4 E19: Daniel Gallancy, Atakama
Show Details27min
S4 Bonus: Erik Fogg, ProdPerfect
Show Details43min 20s
S4 E18: Lior Sion, Bringg
Show Details28min 50s
S4 Bonus: Justin Mitchell, Yac
Show Details39min 9s
S4 E17: Matt DeBergalis, Apollo GraphQL
Show Details34min 30s
S4 Bonus: Dave MacLeod, ThoughtExchange
Show Details33min
S4 E16: Meetesh Karia, The Zebra
Show Details34min 51s
S4 Bonus: Jason Riedel, Aspireship
Show Details27min 49s
S4 E15: Beerud Sheth, Gupshup
Show Details32min 35s
S4 Bonus: Greg Schier, Insomnia
Show Details27min 16s
S4 E14: Bryon Jacob,
Show Details44min 3s
S4 Bonus: The Yield Podcast by Yieldstreet
Show Details35min 5s
S4 E13: Troy Goode, Courier
Show Details27min 11s
S4 Bonus: Rens ter Weijde
Show Details19min 3s
S4 E12: Richard Barkley, Cloudsnap
Show Details33min 8s
S4 Bonus: Cameron Moreau, Gozova
Show Details27min 18s
S4 E11: Arjun Narayan, Materialize
Show Details25min 59s
S4 E10: Steve Caldwell, Mandolin
Show Details27min 24s
S4 E9: Matt Forniciari, Gremlin
Show Details28min 4s
S4 Bonus: Richard Mensah, EllisX
Show Details25min 8s
S4 E8: Brendan & Matt, Fig
Show Details29min 25s
S4 Bonus: Jeff Meisner, Sector 5 Digital
Show Details30min 58s
S4 E7: Dan Robinson, Heap
Show Details39min 55s
S4 E6: Mitchell Hashimoto, HashiCorp
Show Details26min 5s
S4 Bonus: Natalie Nagele, Wildbit
Show Details42min 7s
S4 E5: Daniel Hauschildt,
Show Details26min 15s
S4 E4: Hrishi Dixit, Yieldstreet
Show Details43min 53s
S4 E3: Davit Buniatyan, Activeloop
Show Details30min 17s
S4 E2: Charlie & Chinmay, RidePanda
Show Details37min 36s
S4 Bonus: Tech Talks Daily
Show Details26min 6s
S4 E1: Sophy Lee, HopSkipDrive
Show Details29min 51s
Season 4 - Trailer
Show Details45s
S3 Bonus: Adam Wathan, Tailwind CSS (Replay)
Show Details38min 7s
S3 Bonus: Leah Culver, Breaker (Replay)
Show Details35min 36s
S3 Bonus: Interview on Entrepreneurial Coder
Show Details44min 44s
S3 Bonus: Interview on Develomentor
Show Details46min 53s
S3 E20: Aaron White, Blissfully
Show Details32min 16s
S3 E19: Joe Howard, WP Buffs
Show Details25min 32s
S3 E18: Charity Majors,
Show Details33min 30s
S3 Bonus: Joe + Tony, Mythic Markets
Show Details23min 35s
S3 E17: Jeff Bermant, Cocoon MyDataRewards
Show Details26min 34s
S3 Bonus: Rob Joseph, ReadItToMe
Show Details41min 12s
S3 E16: Ron Rock, Microshare
Show Details34min 35s
S3 E15: Ward Sandler, MemberSpace
Show Details30min 12s
S3 Bonus: Brendon Beebe, foreUP
Show Details24min 31s
S3 E14: Tim Spect, Dubsmash
Show Details39min 2s
S3 Bonus: Interview on SimplyPHP
Show Details43min 51s
S3 E13: Dean McPherson, Paperform
Show Details30min 51s
S3 E12: Seth Mattox, Apex Hosting
Show Details40min 54s
S3 Bonus: Christopher Brown, Zabo
Show Details28min 52s
S3 E11: Mike Kadin, RedCircle
Show Details36min 25s
S3 E10: Nick Patrick, Radar
Show Details27min 48s
S3 Bonus: Interview on The Ops Show
Show Details50min 38s
S3 E9: Adam Wathan, Tailwind CSS
Show Details38min 7s
S3 Bonus: Interview on WPRRR
Show Details48min 24s
S3 E8: Jane Portman, Userlist
Show Details25min 16s
S3 Bonus: Tony Chan, Cloudforecast
Show Details28min 21s
S3 E7: Kimeshan Naidoo, Unibuddy
Show Details25min 2s
S3 Bonus: Interview on Coffee and Coding
Show Details55min 41s
S3 E6: Elias Torres, Drift
Show Details26min 3s
S3 Bonus: Peter Voss, AIGO
Show Details32min 8s
S3 E5: Dan Burcaw, Nami ML
Show Details36min 49s
S3 Bonus: Interview on Mentoring Developers
Show Details45min 59s
S3 E4: Yoshi Yokokawa, Alpaca
Show Details19min 15s
S3 Bonus: Shawn Frayne, Looking Glass Factory
Show Details34min 56s
S3 E3: Mark Hendriks, Wild Ventures
Show Details26min 27s
S3 E2: Dave Zohrob, Chartable
Show Details27min 58s
S3 Bonus: Andrew Smith, Outrider
Show Details29min 1s
S3 E1: Cole Raven, Podchaser
Show Details31min 50s
Season 3 Trailer
Show Details1min 29s
S2 Bonus: Ryan Graciano, Credit Karma (Replay)
Show Details37min 57s
S2 Bonus: Innovabuzz Podcast Interview
Show Details48min 55s
Quick Note: S2 End, S3 Coming Soon
Show Details54s
S2 E20: Daniel Gebler, Picnic
Show Details33min 33s
S2 E19: Denis Lunev, DepositFix
Show Details23min 53s
S2 Bonus: Meet the Podcasters
Show Details57min 40s
S2 E18: Mubashar Iqbal, Pod Hunt
Show Details34min 56s
S2 E17: Dominik Obermaier, HiveMQ
Show Details37min 49s
S2 E16: Kyle Campbell,
Show Details45min 12s
S2 Bonus: Interview on Podcast Junkies
Show Details49min 40s
S2 E15: Desi McAdams, Nanno
Show Details22min 7s
S2 E14: Rob Moore, Floom
Show Details26min 35s
S2 Bonus: Andrew Overton, Saga
Show Details30min 54s
S2 E13: Adrienne Bolger, BlocHealth
Show Details33min 46s
S2 E12: Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries
Show Details42min 44s
S2 E11: Jason Tan, Sift
Show Details36min 35s
S2 E10: Steven Naimark, Ziptility
Show Details31min 8s
S2 E9: Thane Brimhall, Seek
Show Details26min 49s
S2 E8: Erin Karam, Dina (Formerly Prepared Health)
Show Details27min 41s
S2 E7: Ryan Graciano, Credit Karma
Show Details37min 57s
S2 E6: Dennis Cail, Zirtue
Show Details27min 10s
S2 E5: Matt Senter, Lolli
Show Details29min 51s
S2 E4: George Deglin, OneSignal
Show Details29min 26s
S2 E3: Wil Schroter,
Show Details37min 44s
S2 E2: Zach Moreno, Squadcast
Show Details56min 39s
S2 E1: Courtland Allen, Indie Hackers
Show Details45min 19s
Season 2 - Trailer
Show Details1min 34s
Interview on Milestone Hackers
Show Details44min
Interview on Product Journey
Show Details44min
S1 E20: Brandon Hilkert, Bark
Show Details42min 20s
S1 E19: Chris Slowe, Reddit
Show Details27min 56s
S1 E18: Bill Eager, Nomad Health
Show Details28min 19s
S1 Throwback - Jonathan Perichon, Checkr
Show Details44min 6s
S1 Throwback - Rylan Barnes, ShopSavvy
Show Details44min 6s
S1 E17: Blake Miller, Homebase
Show Details27min 31s
S1 E16: Aalok Shah, EnergyFunders
Show Details32min 23s
S1 E15: Omri Mor, Routable
Show Details36min 56s
S1 E14: Dennis Steele, Podium
Show Details30min
S1 E13: Ben Milne, Dwolla
Show Details29min
S1 E12: Bernard Worthy, LoanWell
Show Details38min 44s
Announcement! Listen up...
Show Details42s
S1 E11: Eric Sharp, Degreed
Show Details33min 54s
S1 E10: Shelby Stephens, Jolly
Show Details37min 59s
S1 E9: Andy Abbott, Heretik
Show Details37min 16s
S1 E8: Jon Buda,
Show Details38min 22s
S1 E7: Jonathan Campos, Alto
Show Details37min 25s
S1 E6: Jonathan Perichon, Checkr
Show Details30min 22s
S1 E5: Alvaro Sabido, Caribu
Show Details37min 17s
S1 E4: Sean Washington, Design Kollective
Show Details42min 53s
S1 E3: Leah Culver, Breaker
Show Details36min 35s
S1 E2: Tanner Hearne, Musicbed
Show Details48min 17s
S1 E1: Rylan Barnes, ShopSavvy
Show Details42min 52s
Season 1 - Trailer
Show Details1min 30s