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The journey of Digital Entrepreneurship, Content Creation and

Content Marketing. We use the internet to create brands, sell things and scale companies and we talk about here on the PodCash Show.

The PodCash Show is hosted by Cash Parish, founder of CoCreate. 

CoCreate is a content creation studio used with data-driven marketing to create micro targeted messaging. 

Cash Parish speaks from his personal experience using progressive business knowledge and life philosophies as a Husband, Father, Leader, Entrepreneur, and Friend. Driven by his understanding and faith in his heavenly father Yahweh, mixed with his upbringing in the inner city streets of the 6th ward New Orleans. You can layer that with his love for learning and you will always be in for an engaging, enlightening and mentally stimulating PodCash episode. 

Join Cash Parish weekly for the PodCash Show as he visits diverse topics.

Topics for Podcasting 

  • Co-Learn
  • Co-Labs 
  • Co-Share 
  • Co-Market
  • Co-Create 
  • Content Creation 
  • Content Marketing
  • Data Driven Marketing 
  • Social Collaboration 
  • Social Good
  • Live Collaboration 

Tuesday and Thursday Play Now.


What is the role of the Founder
Show Details11min 59s
Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
Show Details16min 19s
Better Together : we need inclusion in business
Show Details12min 12s