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Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast

Jeff Ashkin, Roy Kohl and Derek Kessler are three childhood friends, living on three different coasts who discuss the issues of the day.

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Life Advice and Is there a "Worst" Beatles Song
Show Details35min 35s
Things everyone should experience, Mobituaries
Show Details25min 14s
Our Favorite Theme Parks
Show Details37min 42s
Star Trek- The Best Series & The Best Captain (Part 2)
Show Details23min 38s
Star Trek- The Best Series & The Best Captain (Part 1)
Show Details28min 17s
Boca Raton - Part 3
Show Details17min 12s
Boca Raton - Part 2
Show Details32min 9s
Boca Raton - Part 1
Show Details26min 21s
Our Favorite Roller Coasters
Show Details35min 40s
Film Editing & Roller Coasters
Show Details39min 1s
Our Favorite Albums - Part 2
Show Details30min 7s
Our Favorite Albums - Part 1
Show Details24min 46s
World's Greatest Superheroes - Part 3
Show Details18min 31s
World's Greatest Superheroes - Part 2
Show Details30min
World's Greatest Superheroes - Part 1
Show Details30min 11s
Weird Habits
Show Details29min 20s
Are Video Games Art?
Show Details30min 49s
Greatest Composers- Part 2
Show Details36min 49s
Greatest Composers- Part 1
Show Details28min 59s
The Best/Worst Food Debate
Show Details34min 23s
Our Favorite Artists - Part 3
Show Details27min 28s
Our Favorite Artists - Part 2
Show Details26min 3s
Our Favorite Artists - Part 1
Show Details24min 50s
Top Three Books of All Time Debate- Part 2
Show Details20min 8s
Top Three Books of All Time Debate- Part 1
Show Details34min 15s
Bad Commercials, Movies That Made Us Cry, NHK, Cube Escape and Red Desert
Show Details31min 44s
Part 2 of the Great Video Game Debate and Reviews of the app Serial Reader, Hollywood, Dreamchild and more!
Show Details30min 11s
Gaining success while staying humble and the Best Video Game of all time debate Part 1
Show Details25min 15s
Immortality benefits, Best Disney afternoon show, Phoenix manga, Waco, Perks of Being a Wallflower
Show Details33min 3s
Working as a translator, Luck, Hatebeak and Too Hot To Handle
Show Details30min 37s
Childhood Memories, Ghost logic and Nature Film Narrator Qualifications
Show Details22min 23s
Birthdays/Holidays, Artificial Intelligence and, Extra Lives
Show Details28min 12s
Funerals, Desert island and Trap Music
Show Details26min 26s
Introductions, Covid-19 Pandemic, Bad Restaurant Experiences,
Show Details26min 52s