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Testimonies From Youth Camp and Following the Lead of the Holy Spirit
Show Details51min 45s
Biblical Mysteries That Can Become Moments of Transformation
Show Details50min 21s
Identity and Calling Continued
Show Details29min 11s
What does it mean to be the Church - Part B Online Content
Show Details21min 10s
What does it mean to be the Church? - Part A
Show Details28min 6s
Identity and Calling - Part B Online Content
Show Details21min 3s
Identity and Calling - Part A
Show Details41min 50s
We Serve A Personal Not a Conceptual God
Show Details42min 43s
A Community of Mercy, Justice, and Peace in a Culture of Social Adaptation
Show Details56min 43s
Father's Day 2021
Show Details41min 18s
A Community of Trust in a Culture of Deconstruction
Show Details1hr 3min
A Community of Contribution in a Culture of Selfishness
Show Details51min 8s
A Community of Devotion in a Culture of No Absolutes
Show Details1hr 6min
Cycles of Stockpiles
Show Details40min 59s
Established Faith in a Culture of Idolatry
Show Details36min 16s
Mother's Day at CLA
Show Details30min 34s
Peacemakers in a Violent and Tumultuous Climate
Show Details48min 27s
A Way of Life for the Church of the Future
Show Details58min 55s
Easter Sunday 2021
Show Details43min 32s
Family, Identity and Generational Blessing
Show Details1hr 50min
How to break off cycles of generational brokenness
Show Details45min 56s
Authentic Family
Show Details29min 15s
Taming the Tongue
Show Details49min 42s
Our Imperfect Family
Show Details41min 18s