CitizenWolf's Audio Podcast

Welcome to CitizenWolf's Audio Podcast*; the podcast wherein I document my experiences making MLP artwork in Blender, the open source 3D modelling and animation software.

If you are completely new to making 3D MLP art and are interested in getting started yourself then this podcast is for you!

Topics covered include:

Using Blender and Source Film-maker

3D MLP Artwork

The MLP FIM Show and much more besides!

I also whenever the opportunity arises interview notable artists to get their insights into making artwork and the hardships involved with making artwork.

*This is the audio only version of the video podcast which is available on my Picarto,

For any feedback or questions:

Twitter: @CitizenWolf_MLP


Episode #2: Introduction to Making 3D MLP Artwork
Show Details56min 26s
Episode #1: Interview with Hunterz263
Show Details1hr 59min