City Hall Stories

An exploration into the organizations that define our society, and the individuals that lead them.

We speak to local government innovators to understand how our future cities, towns and counties are being built in real-time, plus learn best practices on the strategy and vision that creates an effective government.


Stephanie Williams - Inclusivity is Not Food and Fun [City Hall Stories, Ep. 14]
Show Details28min 36s
Dave Amos - City Beautiful [City Hall Stories, Ep. 13]
Show Details35min 4s
Barbara Canales - I Thought I Could Change the World [City Hall Stories, Ep. 12]
Show Details32min 45s
Shannah Hayley - Let's Just Delete Facebook [City Hall Stories, Ep. 11]
Show Details39min 47s
Jeff Cook - GovTech is Exploding [City Hall Stories, Ep. 10]
Show Details32min 28s
Alan Murphy - Solving Homelessness With An App [City Hall Stories, Ep. 9]
Show Details27min 53s
Kevin Knutson - To Lead is To Disappoint [City Hall Stories, Ep. 8]
Show Details31min 33s
Jordan Sun - Silicon Valley Meets Local Government [City Hall Stories, Ep. 7]
Show Details31min 54s
Karina Ricks - Prioritizing Humans Over Cars [City Hall Stories, Ep. 6]
Show Details28min 36s
Mike Mendonça - Planning for 2100...Starting Today [City Hall Stories, Ep. 5]
Show Details30min 26s
Pete Buryk - Don't Shock the System [City Hall Stories, Ep. 4]
Show Details25min 50s
Brent Stockwell - How to Fight City Hall [City Hall Stories, Ep. 3]
Show Details37min 46s
Josh Birks - We Don't Steal Business [City Hall Stories, Ep. 2]
Show Details42min 54s
Warren Logan - Reimagining City Streets [City Hall Stories, Ep. 1]
Show Details40min 54s