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The Cindy Locher Show

Cindy Locher is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and owner of ChangeWorks Hypnosis in Apple Valley, MN, USA and the voice behind the hypnosis audios at Join Cindy in exploring "this mental world!"


Stress, Irritability, Sleep and Your Vagus Nerve
Show Details10min 58s
Client Interview: Dan, on Overcoming Long Term Anxiety
Show Details20min 12s
Hypnosis for Anxiety Part 2
Show Details18min 5s
Hypnosis for Anxiety Part 1
Show Details18min 6s
Hypnosis Session: Creating Acceptance
Show Details25min 15s
Client Interview: Julie, on Overcoming Anxiety at Work
Show Details12min 29s
Hypnosis for Public Speaking
Show Details45min 2s
Hypnosis and Age Management
Show Details46min 8s
Overcoming Perfectionism
Show Details55min 22s
How to Follow Through on Your Commitments
Show Details1hr 8min
Client Interview: Idiopathic Hypersomnia
Show Details19min 57s
Benefits of Gratitude Teleseminar
Show Details51min 2s
From Resolutions to Results
Show Details53min
Improve Your Memory Teleseminar
Show Details44min 15s
Using Neuroplasticity to Create Change
Show Details55min 24s
Cindy interviews Dr. Alfred A. Barrios
Show Details52min 12s
Interview with Scott Schmaren (The Howard Stern Hypnotist)
Show Details49min 44s
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Show Details49min
Interview with Dr. Paul Scheele (Part 2)
Show Details23min 30s
Interview with Dr. Paul Scheele
Show Details18min 3s
Succeeding at Your New Year Resolutions
Show Details49min 59s
Hypnosis for Sleep (with Full Hypnosis Session)
Show Details55min 1s
052: Women's Hormonal Health (with Dr. Kirschling)
Show Details50min 29s
053: Hypnosis for Anxiety
Show Details55min
054: Cindy Interviewed on Beyond the Basics Health Podcast
Show Details49min 9s
057: Address Your Stress - Includes Full Session
Show Details54min 41s
058: Hypnosis Session for Nail Biting
Show Details24min 32s
059: Benefits of Gratitude Teleseminar
Show Details51min 2s
060: Overcoming Anxiety with Hypnosis
Show Details20min 12s
061: Cindy Interviewed on The Culture News
Show Details17min 20s
062: Hypnosis for Multiple Issues
Show Details14min 14s