S4 EP51: Angela's Story: Did God Say That?

Season 4 | Episode 51
1h 1m | Aug 17, 2023

Angela is a storyteller. A child of God. Wife. Mom. Mentor. Friend. She desires to live in such a way that no matter which one you meet, you will see the Word of Christ dwelling richly in her. Angela is also the founder of Wise Word Ministries, a ministry of teaching & intercession. She is not only called to teach; she is also a fervent intercessor. Understanding the power and effectiveness of praying Scripture is essential to her teaching ministry. She is passionate about teaching and empowering people to know the truth and power of God’s Word that sets them free. Angela hosts Wise Word Wednesdays, and you can visit her website for more information. Website info linked in show notes. Angela spills the Truth and doesn’t mince words. 

As you listen, here are some nuggets for you:

  • Let God inspire your heart into transformation
  • Be bold in all of the Lord or none of the Lord; no lukewarmness
  • Believe that the work Jesus did, ended it
  • You don’t have to fight for something that’s already been won at the cross
  • Believe that God is both provision and provider
  • Belief, faith, works…they must go together to feel the essence of God’s blessings in our lives
  • With religion we are transactional mindset, with Kingdom we are relational mindset
  • Anyone you want to know, you spend time with. If you spend more time diligently seeking God, you will believe Him more
  • It is only what God says that you have grace to do
  • If you take God’s Word out of context, you are left with the con
  • You must learn to live the Word not just love it
  • Contentment is being aligned with God’s will for our lives

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