26: Important Keys to Adulting 101 with Kate and Friends!

51m | Feb 9, 2023

Having the mindset to live out your tasks in a way that sparks interest, ignites excitement and although required to live, you feel fully alive when you get them done! Now that is the adulting we all desire and deserve to have. Join Kate and friends and glean from their wisdom on adulting well, a laid back live conversations that speaks to the everyday woman. Enjoy!

Three Thoughts

1. Adulting is more of a mindset than an age to focus on, however, depending on the culture and familial influences, you may take on the mindset of adulting quicker in life than your biological age of development. The key here is being taught life values, principles that you can employ throughout your life. The value of being ‘responsible’ is a core factor in adulting. Responsible for both the mundane as well as the exciting parts of life. 

2. Master your life! Embrace life challenges and set your mindset to win! Embracing challenges helps you become a better version of yourself. Resisting the challenges only exacerbates your suffering and disappointments. Learn to process and regulate your emotions. Remember adulting comes in stages so don’t try to figure everything out now. Learn to be flexible with yourself!

3. You do have freedom as an adult. This freedom can be lived in well but you will need to unlearn/unfreeze some things you may pick up along the way, be mindful in the growing pains and processing of unlearning, and be hopeful as you discover new things about yourself and life. Be patient with yourself and others and take the scenic route as you ‘adult!’

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