25: Sixteen Ways to Give & Receive More Love

33m | Feb 2, 2023

February is the month of love! The best healing medicine there is - love.

"Love shouldn’t hurt. But then it does… sometimes. That is the human in all of us. Like the loss of a loved one, or the disrespect of a child, or the disappointment from a friend, or the rejection from a partner. That hurt is a signal that you are human. When love hurts, there is a place where love can also heal." Here are 16 ways to do just that!

Three Thoughts

1. Life is ever moving and so are the relationships around us. When you put in the effort, the love you give to others can only grow… when it is watered. The essence of what love is rests in your decision to choose love and open your heart to its miraculous possibilities. Receiving love spiritually allows you to give it effortlessly relationally [mentally + physically + emotionally…] 

2. When you want to know what love is, try God’s way first. Start with simply the first statement/way “love is patient”. In what ways do you see and experience patience everyday? Take that kindness and share it with someone else. Let good love multiply in your heart and through you. 

3. Embrace the possibility of being loved and loving God. This kind of love is not child’s play because as a grown woman, all childish love has been put away. This is not time for hide and seek, this is the time to seek until you find. But it is not passive seeking, it is actively seeking with your whole heart! That's when you will find this love.    

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