27: Amanda and Julio Prepare for the Storms of Life

51m | Feb 16, 2023

Amanda and Julio have been married seven years and in those seven years faced one of the most trying marital challenges any couple could endure… walking a fertility journey. A journey filled with preparation, active faith, unwavering hope, patience and so much more! I know their story will inspire you. As you listen, here are a few takeaways:

  • Love is patient and in praying for patience, pray for grace
  • Every family has a story, every couple has a story and sometimes that story has a story writer. Know who your story writer is and trust the process.
  • Observe and know the generational dysfunctions and curses in your families. This will inform how you begin to heal and break such curses from manifesting as intergenerational patterns.
  • Love and respect is a mutual bond that fuels healthy relationships; know your relational boundaries, understand each other’s lived experiences and remember, you cannot change your partner’s personality.
  • When it comes to challenges in life, you can see them as preparation, perspiration, and persecution; so lean into the story writer who can lead you on a different path.
  • Your preparation in the waiting period can be a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational factors such as faith, hope, peace, patience, love, realistic thinking, and growth mindset.

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