S4 EP52: Hard Lessons from Mistakes

Season 4 | Episode 52
35m | Aug 24, 2023

When I was stopped by the police, I had a slight inkling of shame but that quickly faded, years of working on self will do that to you. But I felt guilty. Once I admitted to the officer and apologized… poof, the guilty feeling was gone. Some wake up calls are simply an opportunity for you to evaluate your life, and develop greater awareness. Think of these calls as your journey of identifying unhealthy patterns in your life and learn new ways to manage them. The unhealthy patterns these days can also be distractions from the main goal. When you know that you are being distracted and veered off course, it is good. It is an opportunity to become aware. You become aware and so you develop best practices to gain focus.  

Secondly, some wake up calls in life are warning signals. Think of these like the warnings you receive from your doctor after a lab report, or the ‘almost’ ‘near’ misses in life where you get to reflect and change some things.  

And thirdly, some wake up calls are a crisis, the result of your or someone else’s disobedience. You become the recipient of the consequences of the disobedience. This third lesson can be very difficult and can result in prolonged suffering. Now since suffering is rooted in how we respond to traumatic event or situations, once we learn to respond well to situations, we can develop perseverance and resilience to help through the suffering as we hope in Christ. 

In a typical day-to-day life, life’s journey is pretty mundane [routines run the same] seriously, with little excitement. The ability to shift perspective makes a wealth of difference between getting stuck in shame, guilt and disappointment and slowing down enough to see what lies in between the lines. You get to choose which view you gaze upon when you encounter inconveniences. 

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