S3 EP49: Dr. Bren's Story: Breaking Through Obstacles

Season 3 | Episode 49
55m | Jul 20, 2023

I sat down with Dr. Bren C Williams. Dr. Bren C. Williams is a pastor, visionary, conference speaker, community advocate, and author. Her message is one of hope for the future in Christ. She has worked in ministry for nearly 20 years. Dr. Williams currently serves as the pastor and visionary founder of the Impact Worship Center located in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is living out her faith and inspiring others to do the

same. In addition to being an influential voice within the church community, Dr. Williams is also an international conference speaker. She travels sharing the message that God’s love never fails. Her desire is to see lives saved, transformed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. She is committed to helping others live out their faith with power and purpose. Dr. Williams believes it is high time to break free, break through, and break forth to greater.

As you listen, here are some nuggets for you:

  • Self discovery through God’s process settles you in unlikely yet fulfilling thriving places
  • Identify the things that prevent you from breaking free such as personality, sins, the world, culture…
  • You cannot conquer what you are not willing to confront
  • Start simple small changes and you will see godly opportunities become available
  • God’s Spirit empowers and equips you to do the things we are called to do.
  • Fear paralyzes us into inactivity and lies to us about our own worth
  • The enemy of fear says that we can’t when the Word of God says that we can
  • Immerse yourself in God’s Word
  • God prepares us in our now season for our next season - call it seasons of preparations for purpose
  • Prioritize and allow necessary time to important areas of your life so you can feel balanced
  • Participate in your healing process
  • Once you break through, believe that there is more and break forth
  • You have been created on purpose for a purpose
  • You can overcome every distraction and delay 
  • Purpose comes from our passions, what you are naturally designed to do
  • Always remember, delay is not denial, and when you detour, you are still on a mission

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