• History Of Online Dating and Dating Technology

    Hi everyone! Thank you for swiping right on us today! We are your hosts, Mima & Johnny G and we are Chimps On A Keyboard!

    Did you know the star from breaking bad was a part of dating technology history? Would you beleive that tamegochi's paved the way for finding lonely singles near you? How would you feel if you found out that the idea for the movie You've got mail was recycled from 1800's literature? 

    Today's episode we are going to explore the history of online dating and dating technologies. Not only are we going to explore the apps and sites that are popular today, but we will travel back in time to show you for as long as technology has evolved, dating has been involved. So tighten up your Tinder bio's and dust off your pick up lines and join our chatline about matchmaking tech.

    52m | May 24, 2023
  • History of Emoticons & Emojis

    Hi everyone! Thank you for joining us as we celebrate our first episode! We are your hosts, Mima & Johnny G and we are Chimps On A Keyboard!

    Did you know the idea of emoticons was conceived before computers were invented? Would it surprise you that the first emoji designs were inspired by Japanese manga? Today's episode we will deep dive into the history of emoticons and emojis. So strap in and join us on this wild ride of smiley faces on your phone!

    50m | Apr 26, 2023
  • Chimps On A Keyboard Teaser

    Take a deep dive through the jungle of technology that makes up our modern day world. Explore with us the rocky history of engineering through each episode where we dig up the inventions, concepts and people that helped push us into an advance technological species.

    So, dust off your keyboards, grab a banana, and join us!

    0m | Apr 25, 2023
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