Chilling True Tales - True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

I have loved the strange, creepy, paranormal and supernatural ever since I was a child having experienced it all my life. Ghosts, creatures, UFOs and more - you name it!

I have collected REAL stories from real people over the years about their experiences and with permission I am retelling them to you.


Chilling True Tales - Ep 4 - Insane true spooky ghost stories that will make you think twice
Show Details10min 31s
Chilling True Tales - Ep 3 - Unbelievable but true scary stories about the things that see us
Show Details9min 41s
Chilling True Tales - Ep 2 - True stories of haunted places & homes. Are you haunted?
Show Details9min 13s
Chilling True Tales - Ep 1 - True ghost stories and more for you to watch only if you dare
Show Details10min 27s