• Episode 2: My Burlesque Interview

    A burlesque origin story interview with: ME! Cheri XO. How I started, why and where the passion came from. This is a general introduction to myself to better understand your host as I navigate the world of Burlesque and this crazy life I'm pursuing.

    Songs added to my Bad Bitch playlists:

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls by Lilyisthatyou

    I LIKE CARS by Caroline Kole

    They are both featured on my "Take over the World" playlist on Spotify, find it here: https://open.spotify.com/user/1292037065?si=_5TY3HYwROm-v63HXkuwng

    All the socials:

    Instagram: @cheri_xo_official 

    Tik Tok: @cheri_xo_official

    Reddit: @cheri_xo_official  

    Twitter: @cherixoofficial 

    FB Page: Cheri XO 

    Snapchat: ma_cherixo and cherixoofficial 

    Venmo: Cheri-XO 

    CashApp: CheriXOofficial 

    PayPal: CheriXOofficial

    BuyMeACoffee: cherixooffU

    Website: www.cherixo.com

    To get in contact with me about the podcast, you can reach out on Instagram @cheri.chats or sent me an email to cherichatspodcast@gmail.com I would really love to hear from you!!

    Leave me a 5 star review with a bunch of hearts in the title because a little praise really strokes my ego and I get a kink, I mean a kick out of it ;)

    Love you!!!

    Kisses and Hugs,

    Cheri XO

    25m | Dec 3, 2022
  • Episode 1: Introduction

    First Episodes are weird!! They just are so, Hi!! I did this thing, I made a podcast, this is just introducing what the heck I'm going to be talking about, like a pre episode episode.... anyways it's only 10 minutes I think you can handle it lol


    Cheri XO

    10m | Nov 13, 2022
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