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Cheif Speak

Retired Army Warrant Officer, Dwain Courtright, has bossed up for another exploratory and noble mission, and this time heartily for the high school student community. The change we wish and aspire to see in our immediate surroundings and the society at large could only be brought about if the people of today responsibly take up the task of positively shaping themselves. Chief Speak is an intense and promising effort for helping high school students build a lasting and secure career and not just a job. Host Dwain Courtright retired from the US Army with the rank of the Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2) is now a dedicated High School Teacher. His direct mentorship to help his students navigate into adulthood with the right guidance into choosing their best career path is a go-to for any student willing to become a responsible, motivated, and functional individual with a successful tomorrow. If this is you, this is your destination for building the best foundation on much-needed values, leadership, citizenship, and managing finances from your perfect guide.

Are you a student wanting to battle out through the issues you face as a leader in your school? Do you require a place where you feel connected and accounted for with your questions and contradictions? Getting that right, powerful yet engaging voice to listen to for the answers you seek could bring in you a phenomenal change. This podcast also gives you the perfect space to hear from fellow students about their issues as student leaders so that you can resonate with your problems and situations. If you are searching for that worthy voice to assist you in and out of the classroom, then Chief Speak is for you!


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