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The Hottest of Tea: A Markle Case Study | Episode 11
Show Details21min 37s
Is Trump making money loaning the migrant cages to Joe Biden? | Episode 10
Show Details34min 53s
Is it possible to overdose on wokeism? | Episode 9
Show Details22min 13s
Are POCs allowed to make Jewish jokes or is it Anti-Semitic? | Episode 8
Show Details35min 21s
Politicians drown in their own tears over Trump's erection | Episode 7
Show Details39min 50s
An erection almost killed AOC | Episode 6
Show Details37min 43s
Erection In Peach Mint 2021 Special | Episode 5
Show Details22min 47s
De-Escalating a Great Capitol Hill Erection 101 | Episode 4
Show Details44min 30s
Aliens are real, Awoman! | Episode 3
Show Details42min 56s
The end is nigh, gird your loins. | Episode 2
Show Details46min 23s
Will the Vaccine turn us into vampire dolphins? | Episode 1
Show Details1hr 13min