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CG talks

In this series of podcasts, Dj, Marco, Tom, and Andrew discuss the ever-evolving CG industry. They draw from their personal experiences and those of their featured guests to shed light on key issues for those beginning their 3d careers, and seasoned professionals alike.


#8 Federico Biancullo - What's the (selling) point of archviz ? 2/3
Show Details21min 50s
#8 Federico Biancullo - About mental health and hygiene in archviz 1/3
Show Details38min 4s
#7 Lucian Raicovitan - The road to the CGI industry powerhouse 1/1
Show Details53min 21s
#6 Zacharias Reinhardt - Small steps make big success 3/3
Show Details37min 42s
#6 Zacharias Reinhardt - The quest for the tutorial's Holy Grail 2/3
Show Details24min 32s
#6 Zacharias Reinhardt - 3D as a career boosting hobby 1/3
Show Details22min 4s
#5 Lucas Bazyluk - A runner's quick guide to better management 3/3
Show Details26min 25s
#5 Lucas Bazyluk - Enter the CGI dragon or how I got involved in cloud rendering 2/3
Show Details18min 31s
#5 Lucas Bazyluk - An unexpected journey to the world of web design 1/3
Show Details21min 30s
#4 Fabio Palvelli - Do your thing and don't be afraid to fail 2/2
Show Details33min 3s
#4 Fabio Palvelli - Digital art's future or the biggest scam of the century? 1/2
Show Details40min 3s
#3 Brian Kouhi - Bender vs Maya as animation industry deathmatch 4/4
Show Details20min 15s
#3 Brian Kouhi - Blending art and business 3/4
Show Details18min 52s
#3 Brian Kouhi - Learning to animate (the least painful way) 2/4
Show Details24min 38s
#3 Brian Kouhi - How to start an animation career? 1/4
Show Details17min 31s
#2 Louis du Mont - Around VR & Metaverse 4/4
Show Details37min 24s
#2 Louis du Mont - Born to sculpt 3/4
Show Details24min 2s
#2 Louis du Mont - 3D tools that matter 2/4
Show Details24min 38s
#2 Louis du Mont - Forming an indie 3d studio 1/4
Show Details27min 48s
#1 Gordon Neill - Pandemic games, A.I.+ Art inspirations and experiencing real life 3/3
Show Details52min 49s
#1 Gordon Neill - Let's talk about art 2/3
Show Details35min 46s
#1 Gordon Neill - Digital Artcast's guide to working in gamedev 1/3
Show Details33min 34s
s03 e13: From MMORPG games player to AAA visual storyteller - Mathias Zamęcki
Show Details1hr 25min
s03 e12: How to get rich and famous making animation, or die trying - VIVIX Studio
Show Details1hr 21min
s03 e11: How to learn Blender - Michael Bridges from Canopy Games
Show Details1hr 32min
s03 e10: Deepmotion - future of motion capture
Show Details1hr 14min
s03 e09: Substance of texturing - interview with Amiel Goco
Show Details1hr 9min
s03 e08: Buy 'em all - Epic acquires Artstation
Show Details1hr 10min
s03 e07: Unreal Engine 5 Early Access
Show Details1hr 5min
s03 e06: Old and new generations in the 3d industry
Show Details1hr 4min
s03 e05: Your favourite part of the 3D workflow is...?
Show Details57min 45s
s03 e04: Spiders heavier than paint | Vaughan Ling interview
Show Details1hr 17min
s03 e03: Fringes of CG
Show Details59min 9s
s03 e02: February updates
Show Details56min 6s
s03 e01: What to expect of 2021 in CG
Show Details1hr 21min