Interview with David Newman

49m | Nov 1, 2021

Our Interview with David Newman (2012-07-12)

00:00 Musical Education

01:14 Favourite instrument

01:33 musical idols

04:45 Film music collection

07:22 Last soundtrack album purchased

08:20 Composing: Craft or Art

10:28 Inspiration

12:53 The Best of Composing

13:51 The Less Beautiful Aspects of Composing

14:42 Favourite film

16:07 The First Project

17:11 The approach to scoring animated films

18:41 Theme and/or atmospheric music

20:28 Favorite Genre

20:47 The question of time

21:01 Are there any projects where you were unhappy with the working conditions or the 'end product' on your part

22:21 Type of Director

24:45 Anastasia


36:13 The Newman Family (Randy Newman, Thomas Newman, Alfred Newman, etc)

40:04 Critters

41:02 Danny de Vito

42:39 The music of "Bill and Ted"

45:35 The modern film industry

46:16 Current projects

47:02 Five Terms

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