180: Big Brand Promotion: The Inside Track on a Specialized Tool

33m | Sep 21, 2022

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Roger Nairn



Phone: (604) 362-5319

Twitter: jar_roger

Instagram: rogernairn

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Roger is a lateral thinker, problem solver, strategist and finder of new ways. He believes in the power of the happy customer and spent years managing client relationships and building brands for world-famous agencies like DDB and Cossette. Throughout his career, he’s found himself working with a number of industry giants, including (but certainly not limited to) Netflix, Expedia, Walmart, Nordstrom, Lamborghini, Cineplex, Four Seasons Plus and Vancouver’s own lululemon. On top of all of this, he followed his passions to become a Board Member for TEDx Vancouver and has recently become an expert-level toddler wrangler through the magic of parenthood. When he’s not at work, he likes to golf, read and—no surprises here—binge the occasional podcast.

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