How i Died

Bodies are piling up in the strange town of Springfield, and forensic pathologist Jonathan Spacer intends to find out why. But, Jon isn’t without his own secrets… He can talk to the dead, for starters. A full-cast serial fiction podcast for mature audiences. Available now on all podcast apps. Subscribe for premium content, including bonus episodes and early access. 


#213 - A Moment of Joy
Show Details21min 34s
#212.5 - Bonus - Diagnosed
Show Details2min 39s
#212 - Broken
Show Details22min 21s
#211.5 - Bonus - An Uncomfortable Truth
Show Details1min 39s
#211 - Where The Heart Lies
Show Details25min 14s
#210.5 - Unexpected
Show Details1min 51s
#210 - One Day, One Elevator
Show Details26min 51s
#209.5 - Bonus - 1:00 A.M.
Show Details1min 25s
#209 - Blurring The Lines
Show Details23min 11s
#208.5 - Bonus - Group Therapy
Show Details2min 50s
#208 - Extinguished
Show Details25min 7s
#207.5 - Bonus - Breaking News
Show Details2min 8s
#207 - Moving On
Show Details26min 35s
#206.5 - Bonus - The Glimpse
Show Details1min 14s
#206 - Just Fine
Show Details22min 29s
#205.5 - Bonus - In Between
Show Details1min 15s
#205 - Like Pulling Teeth
Show Details21min 4s
#204.5 - Bonus - The Stakeout
Show Details1min 20s
#204 - People Don't Change
Show Details25min 22s
#203.5 - Bonus - A Search for Evidence
Show Details1min 15s
#202.5 - Bonus - Surveillance
Show Details1min 47s
#201.5 - Bonus - That's Business
Show Details2min 15s
#203 - Light In The Darkness
Show Details25min 53s
#202 - Fear of Intimacy
Show Details23min 31s
#201 - No Love Lost
Show Details30min 54s
Season 2 Prequel Mini Episode
Show Details6min 37s
Trailer - Season 2 Coming July 14th
Show Details1min 49s
REMASTER - Season 1, Episode 103: Cold Chill
Show Details16min 59s
REMASTER - Season 1, Episode 102: Freudian Slip
Show Details21min 55s
Our latest crime thriller: The Patron Saint of Suicides - Episode 1
Show Details31min 29s
Crowley Mini-Series: "A Case of One's Own"
Show Details26min 20s
REMASTER - Season 1, Episode 101: Shellfish
Show Details27min 56s
Stuck with me
Show Details2min 56s
Jon Got One Wrong
Show Details2min 32s
Crowley's Past
Show Details3min 13s
Back in the Woods
Show Details2min 9s
After the Missing Head...
Show Details2min 1s
Springfield, 1989
Show Details2min 24s
Jon's Past
Show Details3min 33s
We're Back! Bonus Episodes from Jon's recorder
Show Details5min 29s
Our New Podcast - 5 Week Countdown
Show Details2min 51s
The Aftermath (Season 1 finale bonus episode)
Show Details3min 7s
#113 - The Quickening
Show Details21min 54s
It All Comes Together
Show Details4min 41s
#112 - Tightly Wound
Show Details15min 43s
#111 - Ties that Bind
Show Details17min 8s
(Bonus) #109.5 - You're supposed to be dead
Show Details58s
#110 - Sloppy
Show Details17min 13s
#109 - The Descent
Show Details18min 32s
#108 - Bubble Burst
Show Details22min 21s
#107 - Missing Body
Show Details17min 50s
#106 - Responsibility
Show Details20min 37s
#105 - Devil in the Details
Show Details18min 8s
#104 - Blown Wide Open
Show Details16min 55s
#103 - Cold Chill
Show Details16min 59s
#102 - Freudian Slip
Show Details21min 55s
(Bonus) #101.5 - Check Up
Show Details3min 31s
#101 - Shellfish
Show Details27min 14s
Trailer - How could this happen?
Show Details1min 50s
Trailer - Welcome to Springfield
Show Details1min 50s