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certified banger

this is a podcast where we talk about all things music from the underground hip-hop/rap world and let you know if a song or artist is a certified banger and more


is 637godwin the new juice wrld certified banger ep 16
Show Details3min 48s
juice wrld and posthumous album certified banger ep 15
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is the underground better then the mainstream certified banger podcast ep 14
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understanding powfu certified bangers episode 13
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hyperpop the new music genre certified bangers episode 12
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certified bangers ep 11 rappers and yes men
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banger certified ep 10 black sheep of hip hop logic NF hopsin
Show Details5min 43s
certified banger ep 9 should you buy a feature or a promotion YouTube channel
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certified banger ep8 how to grow your music with YouTube
Show Details4min 18s
certified banger ep 7 learning soundcloud
Show Details3min 53s
certified banger ep6 understanding ugly god
Show Details7min 24s
Banger Certified Ep 5 rise and fall of logic
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certified banger ep4 are industry plants bad
Show Details4min 35s
banger certified ep3 record deal or no deal
Show Details25min 24s
banger certified ep 2
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banger certified ep 1
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certified banger episod 0
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