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Celtics Lab NBA Basketball Podcast

On Celtics Lab, we go deep into the details, finding compelling narratives, data, stories, and interviews you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a different take on the Celtics news of the week or an angle that needs a deeper dive, we have you covered! Join hosts Alex Goldberg, Justin Quinn, and Cameron Tabatabaie for their weekly forays into the Boston Celtics news you didn't know you needed.


Talking training camp and setting season goals with Gary Gulman
Show Details53min 12s
What we know (and what we don't) about the Ime Udoka situation
Show Details21min 59s
All things Boston Celtics and NBA2K with Ronnie 2K
Show Details1hr
Projecting the order the East and talking on the NBA's Robert Sarver reaction with Zak Noble
Show Details1hr 2min
Does the NBA have enough talent to expand, and how might it affect the Boston Celtics if they did?
Show Details49min 56s
Talking hoops and the Celtics season to come with Maura Healey
Show Details42min 40s
Where are they now? Keeping tabs on players from the past with Honest Larry
Show Details1hr 7min
Digging into the 2022-23 NBA schedule for the Boston Celtics with Max Lederman
Show Details52min 10s
Keeping up with the Horfords: Talking the offseason, basketball abroad and more with Anna Horford
Show Details36min 2s
Diving into the seemingly endless combinations of lineups Boston could use in 2022-23
Show Details49min 32s
Beating back the summer doldrums with Jayson Tatum
Show Details21min 51s
Remembering Bill Russell the man and activist with Sopan Deb
Show Details44min 20s
Talking Chuck Cooper's legacy, race, the Celtics, and more with Cooper's son, Chuck III
Show Details38min
Examining the rumbles of a Jaylen Brown - Kevin Durant trade
Show Details20min 8s
Goodbye, Las Vegas, RIP TPE; Hello NBA doldrums
Show Details43min 54s
Assessing the Summer Celtics and remaining offseason moves with Mark Murphy
Show Details36min 48s
Talking NBA 23K2, Celtics, and more with Ronnie2k and Josh Giddey
Show Details15min 35s
Devin Booker on splitting up the Jays, his and Tatum's shared Kobe Bryant fandom and more
Show Details13min 15s
Catching up with NBA 2K23 cover athlete Diana Taurasi
Show Details17min 21s
Assessing the Boston Celtics offseason in difficult times with Jared Dubin
Show Details53min 44s
Boston gets to work teambuilding with Gallinari deal, Brogdon trade with Kory Waldron
Show Details47min 52s
What can we expect from a Utah Jazz retool led by Danny Ainge and Will Hardy?
Show Details22min 17s
Las Vegas Summer League and team building options with Tom Westerholm
Show Details44min 40s
A crash course on what Boston might do in the 2022 NBA draft with Bryan Kalbrosky
Show Details40min 12s
What options do the Boston Celtics have to improve their 2023 title odds?
Show Details50min 22s
What went wrong in Game 5 of the NBA Finals for Boston, and can they fix it in Game 6?
Show Details28min 12s
Talking about the 2022 NBA Playoffs, Derrick White, and Giannis with Mirin Fader
Show Details31min 58s
How important is Boston winning Game 5 for hanging Banner 18?
Show Details27min 54s
Recapping Boston's big Game 3 win over the Golden State Warriors
Show Details33min 44s
Sorting out Game 3 of the Celtics' 2022 NBA Finals with Ky Carlin
Show Details46min 42s
Divining how Golden State will respond to Boston's Game 1 win with Tommy Call III
Show Details48min 12s
Previewing Celtics-Dubs and the evolution of space in the NBA with Mike Prada
Show Details1hr 13min
The Heat beaten, a look back on the path to the finals ahead of a Warriors showdown
Show Details45min 10s
Diving into whether Boston can close out their East Finals series vs. the Miami Heat in Game 6 with Gary Gulman
Show Details54min 47s
Are there any adjustments left? Exploring the Boston-Miami Heat East finals with Kyle Russell
Show Details49min 36s
Assessing the East finals vs. Miami 3 games in with Jeff Zillgitt
Show Details35min 20s
How can Boston respond to getting smacked by the Miami Heat in Game 2?
Show Details33min 46s
Can Boston beat the Miami Heat banged up?
Show Details28min 24s
Recapping an epic Game 6 vs. Bucks, looking ahead to Game 7 for the Celtics with Jack Simone
Show Details37min 58s
Sorting out the Milwaukee-Boston East semis heading into Game 5 with Avenue
Show Details56min 54s
Which version of the Boston Celtics will we see in Game 3 vs. Milwaukee with Max Lederman
Show Details1hr 7min
Talking Celtics - Bucks tactical shifts in the East Semifinals with Jared Weiss
Show Details31min 36s
No sweep 'til Brooklyn (Nets), and a glance at Boston's second round
Show Details51min 48s
Looking at how Boston's Game 3 win vs. Brooklyn sheds light on the Celtics' postseason ceiling with Alex King
Show Details48min 24s
What Game 1 of Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics can tell us about the rest of the series with Ajayi Browne
Show Details53min 49s
Breaking down the Celtics-Nets series in the 2022 NBA Playoffs with Steve Bulpett
Show Details58min 9s
Talking regular season awards, Timelord, Simmons health with Zak Noble
Show Details43min 48s
The protocols return, the Wiz goes down & building our All-Defensive teams with Josue Pavon
Show Details41min 50s
All-NBA, all vaccinated (?), and almost being done with the regular season with Kwani Lunis
Show Details49min 14s
Timelord out, punching up, and talking all things Celtics and comedy with Mike Mulloy
Show Details51min 40s
Scouting the tourney for second round gems with HoopsHype's Bryan Kalbrosky
Show Details49min 57s
Predicting the seeding for the Celtics, Eastern Conference ahead of the 2022 NBA Playoffs
Show Details36min 1s
On the 2021-22 Celtics and patience, rooting for Jerry Buss and more with Gary Gulman
Show Details1hr 1min
On playing with Kevin Garnett, Celtics in the post-Banner 17 era with JR Giddens
Show Details31min 4s
Jersey retirements, KG and Celtics history with Twitter's sports historian Honest Larry
Show Details1hr
Sussing out the facts of where the Celtics are in the East order with Justin Goodrum and Matt Thomas
Show Details47min 57s
Talking about Boston's contender status, KG's jersey retirement and more with Jason Terry
Show Details36min 52s
Digging into the new-look Celtics and the trade deadline aftermath with Anna Horford
Show Details54min 26s
Buyouts, free agents, and other ways to juice the Boston Celtics' roster even more
Show Details40min 22s
Taking stock of the Celtics, Eastern Conference after a VERY busy trade deadline with Yossi Gozlan
Show Details57min 17s
Making sense of the early deadline moves, rumors - and what it could mean in the East with Nick Fay
Show Details59min
Jaylen Brown might want out? Jazz into J-Rich? Dissecting trade rumbles and strategies with Adam Kaufman
Show Details52min 48s
Talking the NBA's 75th anniversary team, the 2022 All-Star Game and Timelord's potential with Robert Parish
Show Details17min 1s
Taking the Temperature of Boston Celtics Trade Intel with Jared Weiss
Show Details41min 16s
Boston's hitting singles, dodging tax ahead of the trade deadline
Show Details56min 25s
Boston's 2022 trade deadline intelligence special edition with Michael Scotto
Show Details20min 23s
What CAN Boston do to get better at the 2022 NBA trade deadline, anyway?
Show Details1hr 8min
Diagnosing the cure for what ails the Boston Celtics with Tim Bontemps
Show Details58min 4s
Finding some resolve for a struggling Boston squad with the new year
Show Details56min 45s
A Boston Celtics Festivus for the rest of us to get some gripes off of our chests
Show Details1hr 8min
Sorting out the Boston Celtics' future with Rohan Nadkarni
Show Details1hr 3min
On activism, Freedom, and Enes with Dave Zirin
Show Details1hr 1min
From Philly to the West Coast and back - talking Boston's brutal December with Anna Horford
Show Details58min 31s
A veritable feast of tough opponents awaits the Celtics for the holidays
Show Details24min 6s
Celtics mystique, Showtime Lakers, frustrating starts with Anthony Irwin
Show Details1hr 8min
Midrange theories, Celtics slumps, and Jaylen's value with Seth Partnow
Show Details1hr 8min
How much is shooting mucking up Boston's season so far?
Show Details55min 3s
Talking walls, making Cornbread and NBA history with Cedric Maxwell
Show Details55min 3s
Why the NBPA is ambivalent about mandates with N. Jeremi Duru, preseason wrap-up and more
Show Details48min 24s
Talking COVID-19, vaccination and the NBA with In the Bubble's Andy Slavitt
Show Details53min 12s
Prognosticating Boston's 2021-22 season with Chris Forsberg
Show Details52min 33s
Media Day, impersonal decisions and the season to come
Show Details54min 31s
Camp deals, player rankings and access for the differently-abled
Show Details45min 15s
Building Boston superteams, targeting Zach LaVine, the Hoops Hall and more
Show Details42min 42s
Taking stock of the NBA's Eastern Conference with Ky Carlin and Ajayi Browne
Show Details1hr 3min
Grading the Boston Celtics offseason with SI's Michael Pina
Show Details1hr 6min
Dissecting the impact of the Timelord and Richardson extensions
Show Details34min 17s
Making sense of Boston's cap situation, and what it can tell us about the future
Show Details34min 31s
Dennis Schroder one-year, mini-MLE signing emergency podcast
Show Details22min 39s
If not Bradley Beal, who might the Boston Celtics be targeting?
Show Details34min 7s
Sorting through the chaos of the 2021 summer free agency period
Show Details30min 15s
Does a Bradley Beal trade make sense for Boston, and if not, what's next?
Show Details46min 38s
Sniffing out value for Boston in the 2nd round with Bryan Kalbrosky
Show Details43min 11s
Will Yam Madar be a Celtic next season, and can the U.S. count on Gold?
Show Details40min 48s
Talking Tatum and Yam in Sin City, and saying the quiet part out loud
Show Details39min 15s
Talking Al's return and the new-look Boston Celtics with Anna Horford
Show Details44min 21s
Ime Udoka hired as head coach, Al Horford speaks on return
Show Details17min 45s
Talking Kyrie's exit, logo stomps and activism with author Matt Sullivan
Show Details52min 19s
Hello again, goodbye; Boston deals Kemba Walker to OKC for old friend Al Horford
Show Details25min 54s
Breaking down Boston's coaching search, offseason with Cedric Maxwell
Show Details44min 28s
A look back at 2020-21, and a glimpse at the Celtics' future
Show Details1hr 10min
CLAB 48: Boston trades Ainge for Stevens as top exec as Danny steps down
Show Details33min 55s
CLAB 47: On not 'keeping it hoop'
Show Details25min 5s
CLAB 46: Easy series, hard conversations
Show Details26min 43s
CLAB 45: Finding some positives in a Game 1 loss to the Brooklyn Nets
Show Details49min 51s
CLAB 44: The Big Ticket in the Hall of Fame with Sopan Deb
Show Details1hr 3min
CLAB 43: Celtics mutual aid rehumanization therapy session with the Riffsman
Show Details48min 5s
CLAB 42: Where will the Cs be seeded, and what could it mean for their postseason?
Show Details45min 57s
CLAB 41: Mapping out the Boston Celtics' stretch run
Show Details41min 52s
CLAB 40: Setting expectations for Jabari Parker as a Celtics player rehab project
Show Details41min 43s
CLAB 39: Sizing up the East's middle class ahead of the stretch run
Show Details1hr 5min
CLAB 38: What do we like and what's sustainable about Boston's recent play?
Show Details44min 37s
CLAB 37: A first look at Boston's 2021 NBA draft prospects with Ben Kaloupek
Show Details54min 5s
CLAB 36: Celtics post-trade deadline review with HoopsHype's Michael Scotto
Show Details34min 55s
CLAB 35: Pre-trade deadline trade rumor review with Jared Weiss
Show Details49min 37s
CLAB 34: Buying or selling trade rumors ahead of the deadline
Show Details50min 53s
CLAB 33: Assessing the post All-Star East from Brooklyn to Boston
Show Details57min 57s
CLAB 32: Creeping deadlines, TPEs, and super smash Celtics
Show Details1hr 8min
CLAB 31: What's wrong with Boston - and who's to blame?
Show Details50min 15s
CLAB 30: Un-[expletive]ing the Celtics' vibe with the Riffsman
Show Details1hr 2min
CLAB 29: Trade rumbles, All-Star games and TPEs big and small
Show Details55min 39s
CLAB 28: From Boston to Tacoma and back again with Jon Finkel
Show Details49min 50s
CLAB 27: Looming hard decisions on the horizon for the Celtics
Show Details34min 37s
CLAB 26: COVID, coup attempts and the NBA's last week
Show Details41min 45s
CLAB 25: What to think of this roster six games in?
Show Details1hr 14min
CLAB 24: Assessing the top of the East from a Nets-Celtics perspective
Show Details55min 32s
CLAB 23: Predictions and projections for the Celtics' 2020-21 campaign
Show Details1hr 24min
CLAB 22: Talking Kemba's knee, media week and All-Time All-Stars with John Karalis
Show Details1hr 1min
CLAB 21: Taking stock of the new roster, and Boston's TPE options
Show Details47min 18s
CLAB 20: Predicting Hayward's decision and free agency preview with Jared Weiss
Show Details39min 54s
CLAB 19: Remembering Tommy Heinsohn & highly subjective draft thoughts
Show Details1hr 14min
CLAB 18 - How does a $132m projected tax impact the NBA, Celtics?
Show Details46min 5s
CLAB 17: The longest season over, we look at the strangest draft
Show Details47min 50s
CLAB 16: After the longest season, where does Boston go from here?
Show Details35min 43s
CLAB 15: Previewing the Miami-Boston Eastern Conference Finals
Show Details33min 23s
CLAB 14: Taking stock of the NBA restart post-strike with N. Jeremi Duru
Show Details37min 45s
CLAB 13: Talking the 76ers - Celtics first-round matchup with Anna Horford
Show Details27min 20s
CLAB 12: Examining the NBA's racial justice plans with N. Jeremi Duru
Show Details35min 33s
CLAB 11: The NBA is back and headed to the bubble soon -- but should it be?
Show Details37min 9s
CLAB 10: When things fall apart: sports in times in crisis
Show Details48min 6s
CLAB 009: The future of the cap, restarting the season and more
Show Details1hr 22min
CLAB 008: How the pandemic is changing our consumption, production of sports
Show Details42min 45s
CLAB 007: How COVID-19 could change the NBA & unsung heroes of the rebuild
Show Details38min 52s
CLAB 006: Back from hiatus to fill the COVID-19 basketball void
Show Details52min 34s
CLAB 005: The Kyrie Conundrum -- deconstructing popular narratives about the divisive player
Show Details56min 37s
CLAB 004: From Kimball to Kemba -- Boston's UConn connections over the decades
Show Details38min 42s
CLAB 003: Predicting the coming season from the opener to the Finals w/ 76ers pod Garbage Into Gold
Show Details1hr 12min
CLAB 002: Talking Team USA, Team Shamrock, & trades with TradeNBA.com's Zach Rodriguez
Show Details34min 27s
CLAB 001: What are the pros and cons of Team USA play for the Boston Celtics?
Show Details28min 21s
CLAB 000 - Rebooting the Celtics, the league and the podcast
Show Details1hr 9min
CL Pod 103: Free agency's start for Boston and the rest of the league
Show Details49min 24s
CL Pod 102: In Danny We Trust? Trying to divine which way Ainge will pivot
Show Details49min 34s
CL Pod 101: Shining a light on the rumors and bad info of silly season
Show Details1hr
CLP 100: The future of the Eastern Conference, supermax impacts & more
Show Details47min 7s
CLPod 99: What comes next? A deep dive into the draft lottery, team-building, and more
Show Details57min 32s
CLP 98: One foot out the door, the Cs face elimination by the Bucks
Show Details40min 41s
CLP 97: Celtics-Bucks preview & a look at the rest of the second round
Show Details50min 32s
CL Pod 96: First returns from the 2019 Playoffs
Show Details40min 25s
CL Pod 95: As the regular season ends, a look at the playoffs, draft & more
Show Details38min 29s
CLP 94: IT returns, BOS stumbles & the playoff seeding becomes clearer
Show Details26min 45s
CL Pod 93: Boston's rounding into form as the playoffs loom
Show Details31min 19s
CLP 92: A little catharsis in the midst of big disappointment
Show Details41min 35s
CL Pod 91: Post-Deadline team assessment: taking stock of the rest of the season
Show Details35min 16s
CL Pod 90: Is AD coming? Kyrie gone? Making sense of this madness
Show Details35min 19s
CL Pod 89: Post-Kyrie leadership epiphany, Cs continue their winning ways
Show Details1hr 3min
CL Pod 88: A tale of two Celtics, or, consistent inconsistency
Show Details35min 13s
CL Pod 87: New Year, New Celtics? Boston might just be figuring it out
Show Details35min 49s
CL Pod 86: The Hospital Celtics are back, & this time, it sucks
Show Details28min 13s
CL Pod 85: Back in the saddle again, the Cs make history
Show Details26min 1s
CL Pod 84: Is it premature to be positive about these Celtics?
Show Details34min 9s
CL Pod 83: It ain't easy being green
Show Details40min 17s
CLPod 82: The Jimmy Butler trade, a break in the schedule & NBA conspiracies
Show Details51min 36s
CL Pod 81: Reports of Terry Rozier's departure are premature, & more
Show Details38min 26s
CL Pod 80: The Cs are back in the saddle, the Sox won the series & more
Show Details21min 4s
CL Pod 79: Making sense of Boston's first week of games
Show Details37min 51s
CL Pod 78: Regular season preview, no extension for Terry & more
Show Details44min 39s
CL Pod 77: Wrapping up preseason & looking towards the regular season
Show Details52min 55s
CL Pod 76: Bird & the NBA's new DV policy, future HoF classes & more
Show Details54min 2s
CL Pod 75: T-Ro a no-go to PHO, pre-camp news & best music cities in the NBA
Show Details49min 46s
CLPod 74: The Cs teams that never were, late summer moves & more
Show Details55min 3s
CLPod 73: Smart resigns, Kawhi's a Raptor, Melo is (briefly) a Hawk & more
Show Details39min 1s
CLPod 72: Free agency is cooling off - will Lakers-Celtics heat up come fall?
Show Details52min 41s
CL Pod 71: From the draft to free agency and beyond
Show Details42min 15s
CL Pod 70: On Kawhi, And Kawhi Not (and Trades, The NBA Draft And More!)
Show Details1hr 7min
CL Pod 69: On LeBron Joining (and Kyrie Leaving) The Celtics
Show Details53min 55s
CL Pod 68: Taking Stock Of Boston's Offseason
Show Details49min 29s
CLPod 67: Boston Retakes Control Of The ECF - But Can They Seal The Deal?
Show Details40min 26s
CL Pod 66: Boston Might Just Send LeBron Packing AGAIN, Draft Lottery & More
Show Details51min 27s
CL Pod 65: The Process, Embiid's Trash Talk, Confetti & Other Premature Things
Show Details49min 53s
CL Pod 64: Boston Sneaks By The Bucks, But Strikes First Vs 76ers
Show Details41min 46s
CL Pod 63: Talking Boston's Playoff Future & Beyond With Jeff Siegel
Show Details58min 42s
CL Pod 62: Cs Are Up 2 Vs. MIL In Round 1 - What They Need To Advance & More
Show Details50min 44s
CL Pod 61: Breaking Down The Celtics' Playoff Picture & More
Show Details52min 27s
CL Pod 60: Taking Stock Of Boston's Playoff And Long-term Future
Show Details52min 21s
CL Pod 59: The Boston Celtics Aren't Dead - They're Feeling Better, Actually
Show Details34min 29s
CL Pod 58: Injuries Pile Up, Contention Odds Dip, And IT Is Open To Come Back
Show Details35min 43s
CL Pod 57: March, Madness, Marcus' Thumb And Theis' Meniscus
Show Details42min 23s
CLPod 56: Hayward's Out, Monroe's Fitting In, & Early Playoff Preview
Show Details53min 14s
CLPod 55: The Boston Celtics & New England Sports - Which Team Rules?
Show Details2min
CL Pod 54: All Star Week - What Was, Will Be & What We'd Like To See
Show Details45min 41s
CLPod 53: Cs Stand Pat While The Cavs Make Moves, & #34 Gets Retired
Show Details39min 20s
CLP 52: Greg Monroe, Marcus Smart & The Calm Before The Trade Deadline
Show Details56min 57s
CLPod 51: All Stars, Rising Stars, And Marcus Smart's Injury
Show Details53min 58s
CLPod 50: Jo Jo Leaves Us, Kyrie's An All Star & Trade Deadline Rumbles
Show Details40min 28s
CLPod 49: A New Streak, Blessing, Curses, And Wrapping Up The UK Game
Show Details53min 39s
CLP 048.5: Celtics Fandom Worldwide, Global Games London & NBA Expansion
Show Details52min 27s
CL Pod 048: The Pick Swap/CLP CROSSOVER II - NBA Global Games London
Show Details1hr 18min
CLPod 047: Out With 2017, In With...Banner 18?
Show Details39min 36s
CLPod 046: Trade Season's Arrived, Hayward's Afoot, & Things Are Looking Rozier
Show Details39min 37s
CLPod 045: Hayward Might Be Back This Year, Jah Is Free & More
Show Details1hr 1min
CLPod 44: Brad Stevens Is Coach Of The Month, But The East Race Is Warming Up
Show Details39min 21s
CLPod 043.5: The Pick Swap (76ers) & CelticsLife Podcast Crossover
Show Details1hr 32min
CLPod 043: The Streak Is Over...and Another Begins
Show Details26min 44s
CLPod 042: Boston Beats The Warriors, And The Streak Continues
Show Details40min 38s
CLPod 041.5: An Interview With Anna Horford
Show Details28min 1s
CLPod 041: The Mask, The Streak, The DPE, And The Big Week Ahead
Show Details31min 35s
CLPod 40: An 9 Game Winning Streak, Tatum & Brown's ROY/All-Star Chances, & More
Show Details52min 23s
CLPod 039.5: Talking Hoops With Dan Bailey, Father John Misty Drummer & NBA Fan
Show Details39min 7s
CLPod 039: Getting A Feel For The Celtics In A League-wide Weird Start
Show Details1hr 7min
CLPod 038: The Celts - And The NBA - Get Off To A Rough Start
Show Details1hr 13min
CLPod 037: The NBA Is BACK - But Is Extending Marcus...smart? (& More!)
Show Details30min 15s
CLPod 036: Celtics Preseason Debut, NBA All Star Game Redux & More
Show Details37min 17s
CLPod 35: 2k18, Morris Trial, And An Interview With Nets Blogger Sandy Mui
Show Details56min 49s
CLPod 034: Isaiah Speaks, Pierce & Allen Are Talking, & Ex-Cs Are Getting Deals
Show Details47min 30s
CLPod 33: Flat Earth, Lil B, And Other NBA Conspiracy Theories
Show Details46min 33s
CLPod 032 -Calling BS On The Cavs, And A Little On Camp Signings
Show Details21min 51s
CLPod 031.6: The Kyrie Irving Trade Even More In Depth
Show Details47min 36s
CLPod 031.5: Emergency Kyrie Irving Trade Podcast
Show Details8min 56s
CLPod 031: Former Celtics' Moves, Player Nicknames, And Tatum's Potential
Show Details47min 14s
CL Pod 030: Changing The Guard, The Rules, Maybe Even The League
Show Details1hr 1min
CLPod 029: Ideal Celtics Improvement, Kyrie Irving Drama, IT's Hip And More
Show Details50min 20s
CLPod 028: Kyrie Wants Out, Wall Extends - And Larkin Joins The Cs?
Show Details1hr 9min
CLPod 027: The Official Signing Of Gordon Hayward, NBA Rule Changes, And More
Show Details1hr 6min
CLPod 026: The AB Trade, Jayson Tatum Is A Boss, Signings Around The NBA
Show Details1hr 4min
CLP 025.5: Free Agency Roundup & Some Insight On The Hayward Signing
Show Details52min 26s
CL Pod 025: Gordon Hayward Signs With Boston - After A Bit Of A Delay
Show Details20min 28s
CLPod 24.6: Pre-free Agency Chaos, The Paul George Trade, And What It Means
Show Details20min 12s
CL Pod 024.5: Free Agency Primer, The CP3 Trade & Its Effect & More
Show Details49min 39s
CL Pod 024: Draft Analysis, PG Update, And The Suns Shenanigans
Show Details1hr
CLP 023.6: Draft Reactions & Thoughts On Done, Dead & Developing Deals
Show Details35min 53s
CL Pod 023.5 - The Trade, The Draft, & NBA Madness Through A Lakers Vs Cs Lens
Show Details31min 25s
CL Pod 023: Trade Reactions, What Happens Now - And Josh Horford!
Show Details45min 38s
CL Pod 022: A Salary Cap Primer For The Celts, The Rest Of The League & More
Show Details50min 31s
CL Pod 021: Who's (probably) Leaving & Joining The 2017-18 Cs, NBA Finals & More
Show Details1hr 6min
CL Pod 020: A Look Back At 2016-17 & An Early Preview Of The C's Big Summer
Show Details40min 40s
CL Pod 019: The G3 Win, The G4 Near Miss, & A Deep Dive Into Lottery Prospects
Show Details1hr
CL Pod 018.5: Debunking Seed Myths, The Blowouts Vs The Cavs & More
Show Details36min 33s
CelticsLife - Ep 018: Lottery Special, Potential Draft Picks, And EFC Preview
Show Details53min 1s
CL Pod 017.5: The Paul Pierce Tribute Pod (with A Little On KG, Rondo & Ray Too)
Show Details1hr 20min
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 017: C's-Wiz Locked Up, '08 Reunion, And Ray Allen
Show Details43min 52s
CsLife Pod 16.5: IT's 53, Pierce Memories & The Debut Of Our Drinking Game
Show Details48min 26s
CL Pod 016: Bulls Closeout, Wizards-Cs, Larry Bird Resigns From Indy & More
Show Details53min 29s
CL Pod 015.5: Early Playoff Impacts On Boston's Summer Plans
Show Details37min 36s
CelticsLife Pod 015: The Cs Bounce Back, Lil B & Rondo & Other Playoff News
Show Details25min 21s
CelticsLife 014.5: CHI-BOS Game 1 & 2 Post-mortem, Other Playoff Results & More
Show Details30min 42s
CelticsLife 014 - First Round Playoff Preview, Knicks Are Knicking, & More
Show Details28min 49s
CelticsLife Podcast #013.5: The Regular Season Awards Show
Show Details52min 51s
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 013: Playoffs Are Coming, Lonzo Ball, And More
Show Details52min 42s
CelticsLife Podcast 12.5: Tanking - From A Lakers (fan) Vs Celtics (fan) POV
Show Details44min 26s
CelticsLife Podcast #012: The Playoff Picture, The Showdown With The Cavs & More
Show Details37min 45s
CelticsLife Pod 011.5: The Best (NCAA) Draft Prospects Still Dancing
Show Details30min 29s
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 011: Rection To Heat/C's, Devin Booker's 70...
Show Details42min 43s
CelticsLife Podcast Episode 010.5 - Our First Mailbag
Show Details34min
CelticsLife Podcast Episode 010
Show Details38min 51s
CelticsLife Podcast 009.5: Boston And The East Playoff Race
Show Details40min 28s
CelticsLife Podcast - 009: 2-3 Road Trip, Markelle Fultz, And Celtics/Wizards
Show Details58min 59s
CelticsLife Podcast - 008.5: Where The C's Stand For End Of Year Player Awards
Show Details32min 48s
CelticsLife 008: The C's Beat The Cavs, Jaylen Vs Ingram, A Little ROY Talk And
Show Details1hr 14min
CelticsLife 007: Trade Deadline, All Star Review & More
Show Details52min 16s
CL Pod 006.1 DeMarcus Cousins Emergency Pod: Impact On The Trade Market & More
Show Details33min 50s
CL006: Pre-Trade Deadline Special, The NBA's Flat Earth Society & More
Show Details1hr 9min
CL 005 - The Stinker Vs The Kings, The Knicks Implosion, Trade Talks & More
Show Details1hr 3min
CL 004: A Big Week In BOS Sports, Top Prospects For The Celts In The 2017 NBA Dr
Show Details1hr 16min
CL003: IT4 Named An All-Star Reserve, Ads On Jerseys, Trade Rumbles & More
Show Details53min 52s
CelticsLife 002: IT's All-Star Snub, MELO2BOS?, NBA Expansion & More
Show Details58min 55s
Celticslife 001 - State Of The Season, IT4MVP, Trade Rumors And More
Show Details53min 33s