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CLAB 43: Celtics mutual aid rehumanization therapy session with the Riffsman
Show Details48min 5s
CLAB 42: Where will the Cs be seeded, and what could it mean for their postseason?
Show Details45min 57s
CLAB 41: Mapping out the Boston Celtics' stretch run
Show Details41min 52s
CLAB 40: Setting expectations for Jabari Parker as a Celtics player rehab project
Show Details41min 43s
CLAB 39: Sizing up the East's middle class ahead of the stretch run
Show Details1hr 5min
CLAB 38: What do we like and what's sustainable about Boston's recent play?
Show Details44min 37s
CLAB 37: A first look at Boston's 2021 NBA draft prospects with Ben Kaloupek
Show Details54min 5s
CLAB 36: Celtics post-trade deadline review with HoopsHype's Michael Scotto
Show Details34min 55s
CLAB 35: Pre-trade deadline trade rumor review with Jared Weiss
Show Details49min 37s
CLAB 34: Buying or selling trade rumors ahead of the deadline
Show Details50min 53s
CLAB 33: Assessing the post All-Star East from Brooklyn to Boston
Show Details57min 57s
CLAB 32: Creeping deadlines, TPEs, and super smash Celtics
Show Details1hr 8min
CLAB 31: What's wrong with Boston - and who's to blame?
Show Details50min 15s
CLAB 30: Un-[expletive]ing the Celtics' vibe with the Riffsman
Show Details1hr 2min
CLAB 29: Trade rumbles, All-Star games and TPEs big and small
Show Details55min 39s
CLAB 28: From Boston to Tacoma and back again with Jon Finkel
Show Details49min 50s
CLAB 27: Looming hard decisions on the horizon for the Celtics
Show Details34min 37s
CLAB 26: COVID, coup attempts and the NBA's last week
Show Details41min 45s
CLAB 25: What to think of this roster six games in?
Show Details1hr 14min
CLAB 24: Assessing the top of the East from a Nets-Celtics perspective
Show Details55min 32s
CLAB 23: Predictions and projections for the Celtics' 2020-21 campaign
Show Details1hr 24min
CLAB 22: Talking Kemba's knee, media week and All-Time All-Stars with John Karalis
Show Details1hr 1min
CLAB 21: Taking stock of the new roster, and Boston's TPE options
Show Details47min 18s
CLAB 20: Predicting Hayward's decision and free agency preview with Jared Weiss
Show Details39min 54s
CLAB 19: Remembering Tommy Heinsohn & highly subjective draft thoughts
Show Details1hr 14min
CLAB 18 - How does a $132m projected tax impact the NBA, Celtics?
Show Details46min 5s
CLAB 17: The longest season over, we look at the strangest draft
Show Details47min 50s
CLAB 16: After the longest season, where does Boston go from here?
Show Details35min 43s
CLAB 15: Previewing the Miami-Boston Eastern Conference Finals
Show Details33min 23s
CLAB 14: Taking stock of the NBA restart post-strike with N. Jeremi Duru
Show Details37min 45s
CLAB 13: Talking the 76ers - Celtics first-round matchup with Anna Horford
Show Details27min 20s
CLAB 12: Examining the NBA's racial justice plans with N. Jeremi Duru
Show Details35min 33s
CLAB 11: The NBA is back and headed to the bubble soon -- but should it be?
Show Details37min 9s
CLAB 10: When things fall apart: sports in times in crisis
Show Details48min 6s
CLAB 009: The future of the cap, restarting the season and more
Show Details1hr 22min
CLAB 008: How the pandemic is changing our consumption, production of sports
Show Details42min 45s
CLAB 007: How COVID-19 could change the NBA & unsung heroes of the rebuild
Show Details38min 52s
CLAB 006: Back from hiatus to fill the COVID-19 basketball void
Show Details52min 34s
CLAB 005: The Kyrie Conundrum -- deconstructing popular narratives about the divisive player
Show Details56min 37s
CLAB 004: From Kimball to Kemba -- Boston's UConn connections over the decades
Show Details38min 42s
CLAB 003: Predicting the coming season from the opener to the Finals w/ 76ers pod Garbage Into Gold
Show Details1hr 12min
CLAB 002: Talking Team USA, Team Shamrock, & trades with's Zach Rodriguez
Show Details34min 27s
CLAB 001: What are the pros and cons of Team USA play for the Boston Celtics?
Show Details28min 21s
CLAB 000 - Rebooting the Celtics, the league and the podcast
Show Details1hr 9min
CL Pod 103: Free agency's start for Boston and the rest of the league
Show Details49min 24s
CL Pod 102: In Danny We Trust? Trying to divine which way Ainge will pivot
Show Details49min 34s
CL Pod 101: Shining a light on the rumors and bad info of silly season
Show Details1hr
CLP 100: The future of the Eastern Conference, supermax impacts & more
Show Details47min 7s
CLPod 99: What comes next? A deep dive into the draft lottery, team-building, and more
Show Details57min 32s
CLP 98: One foot out the door, the Cs face elimination by the Bucks
Show Details40min 41s
CLP 97: Celtics-Bucks preview & a look at the rest of the second round
Show Details50min 32s
CL Pod 96: First returns from the 2019 Playoffs
Show Details40min 25s
CL Pod 95: As the regular season ends, a look at the playoffs, draft & more
Show Details38min 29s
CLP 94: IT returns, BOS stumbles & the playoff seeding becomes clearer
Show Details26min 45s
CL Pod 93: Boston's rounding into form as the playoffs loom
Show Details31min 19s
CLP 92: A little catharsis in the midst of big disappointment
Show Details41min 35s
CL Pod 91: Post-Deadline team assessment: taking stock of the rest of the season
Show Details35min 16s
CL Pod 90: Is AD coming? Kyrie gone? Making sense of this madness
Show Details35min 19s
CL Pod 89: Post-Kyrie leadership epiphany, Cs continue their winning ways
Show Details1hr 3min
CL Pod 88: A tale of two Celtics, or, consistent inconsistency
Show Details35min 13s
CL Pod 87: New Year, New Celtics? Boston might just be figuring it out
Show Details35min 49s
CL Pod 86: The Hospital Celtics are back, & this time, it sucks
Show Details28min 13s
CL Pod 85: Back in the saddle again, the Cs make history
Show Details26min 1s
CL Pod 84: Is it premature to be positive about these Celtics?
Show Details34min 9s
CL Pod 83: It ain't easy being green
Show Details40min 17s
CLPod 82: The Jimmy Butler trade, a break in the schedule & NBA conspiracies
Show Details51min 36s
CL Pod 81: Reports of Terry Rozier's departure are premature, & more
Show Details38min 26s
CL Pod 80: The Cs are back in the saddle, the Sox won the series & more
Show Details21min 4s
CL Pod 79: Making sense of Boston's first week of games
Show Details37min 51s
CL Pod 78: Regular season preview, no extension for Terry & more
Show Details44min 39s
CL Pod 77: Wrapping up preseason & looking towards the regular season
Show Details52min 55s
CL Pod 76: Bird & the NBA's new DV policy, future HoF classes & more
Show Details54min 2s
CL Pod 75: T-Ro a no-go to PHO, pre-camp news & best music cities in the NBA
Show Details49min 46s
CLPod 74: The Cs teams that never were, late summer moves & more
Show Details55min 3s
CLPod 73: Smart resigns, Kawhi's a Raptor, Melo is (briefly) a Hawk & more
Show Details39min 1s
CLPod 72: Free agency is cooling off - will Lakers-Celtics heat up come fall?
Show Details52min 41s
CL Pod 71: From the draft to free agency and beyond
Show Details42min 15s
CL Pod 70: On Kawhi, And Kawhi Not (and Trades, The NBA Draft And More!)
Show Details1hr 7min
CL Pod 69: On LeBron Joining (and Kyrie Leaving) The Celtics
Show Details53min 55s
CL Pod 68: Taking Stock Of Boston's Offseason
Show Details49min 29s
CLPod 67: Boston Retakes Control Of The ECF - But Can They Seal The Deal?
Show Details40min 26s
CL Pod 66: Boston Might Just Send LeBron Packing AGAIN, Draft Lottery & More
Show Details51min 27s
CL Pod 65: The Process, Embiid's Trash Talk, Confetti & Other Premature Things
Show Details49min 53s
CL Pod 64: Boston Sneaks By The Bucks, But Strikes First Vs 76ers
Show Details41min 46s
CL Pod 63: Talking Boston's Playoff Future & Beyond With Jeff Siegel
Show Details58min 42s
CL Pod 62: Cs Are Up 2 Vs. MIL In Round 1 - What They Need To Advance & More
Show Details50min 44s
CL Pod 61: Breaking Down The Celtics' Playoff Picture & More
Show Details52min 27s
CL Pod 60: Taking Stock Of Boston's Playoff And Long-term Future
Show Details52min 21s
CL Pod 59: The Boston Celtics Aren't Dead - They're Feeling Better, Actually
Show Details34min 29s
CL Pod 58: Injuries Pile Up, Contention Odds Dip, And IT Is Open To Come Back
Show Details35min 43s
CL Pod 57: March, Madness, Marcus' Thumb And Theis' Meniscus
Show Details42min 23s
CLPod 56: Hayward's Out, Monroe's Fitting In, & Early Playoff Preview
Show Details53min 14s
CLPod 55: The Boston Celtics & New England Sports - Which Team Rules?
Show Details2min
CL Pod 54: All Star Week - What Was, Will Be & What We'd Like To See
Show Details45min 41s
CLPod 53: Cs Stand Pat While The Cavs Make Moves, & #34 Gets Retired
Show Details39min 20s
CLP 52: Greg Monroe, Marcus Smart & The Calm Before The Trade Deadline
Show Details56min 57s
CLPod 51: All Stars, Rising Stars, And Marcus Smart's Injury
Show Details53min 58s
CLPod 50: Jo Jo Leaves Us, Kyrie's An All Star & Trade Deadline Rumbles
Show Details40min 28s
CLPod 49: A New Streak, Blessing, Curses, And Wrapping Up The UK Game
Show Details53min 39s
CLP 048.5: Celtics Fandom Worldwide, Global Games London & NBA Expansion
Show Details52min 27s
CL Pod 048: The Pick Swap/CLP CROSSOVER II - NBA Global Games London
Show Details1hr 18min
CLPod 047: Out With 2017, In With...Banner 18?
Show Details39min 36s
CLPod 046: Trade Season's Arrived, Hayward's Afoot, & Things Are Looking Rozier
Show Details39min 37s
CLPod 045: Hayward Might Be Back This Year, Jah Is Free & More
Show Details1hr 1min
CLPod 44: Brad Stevens Is Coach Of The Month, But The East Race Is Warming Up
Show Details39min 21s
CLPod 043.5: The Pick Swap (76ers) & CelticsLife Podcast Crossover
Show Details1hr 32min
CLPod 043: The Streak Is Over...and Another Begins
Show Details26min 44s
CLPod 042: Boston Beats The Warriors, And The Streak Continues
Show Details40min 38s
CLPod 041.5: An Interview With Anna Horford
Show Details28min 1s
CLPod 041: The Mask, The Streak, The DPE, And The Big Week Ahead
Show Details31min 35s
CLPod 40: An 9 Game Winning Streak, Tatum & Brown's ROY/All-Star Chances, & More
Show Details52min 23s
CLPod 039.5: Talking Hoops With Dan Bailey, Father John Misty Drummer & NBA Fan
Show Details39min 7s
CLPod 039: Getting A Feel For The Celtics In A League-wide Weird Start
Show Details1hr 7min
CLPod 038: The Celts - And The NBA - Get Off To A Rough Start
Show Details1hr 13min
CLPod 037: The NBA Is BACK - But Is Extending (& More!)
Show Details30min 15s
CLPod 036: Celtics Preseason Debut, NBA All Star Game Redux & More
Show Details37min 17s
CLPod 35: 2k18, Morris Trial, And An Interview With Nets Blogger Sandy Mui
Show Details56min 49s
CLPod 034: Isaiah Speaks, Pierce & Allen Are Talking, & Ex-Cs Are Getting Deals
Show Details47min 30s
CLPod 33: Flat Earth, Lil B, And Other NBA Conspiracy Theories
Show Details46min 33s
CLPod 032 -Calling BS On The Cavs, And A Little On Camp Signings
Show Details21min 51s
CLPod 031.6: The Kyrie Irving Trade Even More In Depth
Show Details47min 36s
CLPod 031.5: Emergency Kyrie Irving Trade Podcast
Show Details8min 56s
CLPod 031: Former Celtics' Moves, Player Nicknames, And Tatum's Potential
Show Details47min 14s
CL Pod 030: Changing The Guard, The Rules, Maybe Even The League
Show Details1hr 1min
CLPod 029: Ideal Celtics Improvement, Kyrie Irving Drama, IT's Hip And More
Show Details50min 20s
CLPod 028: Kyrie Wants Out, Wall Extends - And Larkin Joins The Cs?
Show Details1hr 9min
CLPod 027: The Official Signing Of Gordon Hayward, NBA Rule Changes, And More
Show Details1hr 6min
CLPod 026: The AB Trade, Jayson Tatum Is A Boss, Signings Around The NBA
Show Details1hr 4min
CLP 025.5: Free Agency Roundup & Some Insight On The Hayward Signing
Show Details52min 26s
CL Pod 025: Gordon Hayward Signs With Boston - After A Bit Of A Delay
Show Details20min 28s
CLPod 24.6: Pre-free Agency Chaos, The Paul George Trade, And What It Means
Show Details20min 12s
CL Pod 024.5: Free Agency Primer, The CP3 Trade & Its Effect & More
Show Details49min 39s
CL Pod 024: Draft Analysis, PG Update, And The Suns Shenanigans
Show Details1hr
CLP 023.6: Draft Reactions & Thoughts On Done, Dead & Developing Deals
Show Details35min 53s
CL Pod 023.5 - The Trade, The Draft, & NBA Madness Through A Lakers Vs Cs Lens
Show Details31min 25s
CL Pod 023: Trade Reactions, What Happens Now - And Josh Horford!
Show Details45min 38s
CL Pod 022: A Salary Cap Primer For The Celts, The Rest Of The League & More
Show Details50min 31s
CL Pod 021: Who's (probably) Leaving & Joining The 2017-18 Cs, NBA Finals & More
Show Details1hr 6min
CL Pod 020: A Look Back At 2016-17 & An Early Preview Of The C's Big Summer
Show Details40min 40s
CL Pod 019: The G3 Win, The G4 Near Miss, & A Deep Dive Into Lottery Prospects
Show Details1hr
CL Pod 018.5: Debunking Seed Myths, The Blowouts Vs The Cavs & More
Show Details36min 33s
CelticsLife - Ep 018: Lottery Special, Potential Draft Picks, And EFC Preview
Show Details53min 1s
CL Pod 017.5: The Paul Pierce Tribute Pod (with A Little On KG, Rondo & Ray Too)
Show Details1hr 20min
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 017: C's-Wiz Locked Up, '08 Reunion, And Ray Allen
Show Details43min 52s
CsLife Pod 16.5: IT's 53, Pierce Memories & The Debut Of Our Drinking Game
Show Details48min 26s
CL Pod 016: Bulls Closeout, Wizards-Cs, Larry Bird Resigns From Indy & More
Show Details53min 29s
CL Pod 015.5: Early Playoff Impacts On Boston's Summer Plans
Show Details37min 36s
CelticsLife Pod 015: The Cs Bounce Back, Lil B & Rondo & Other Playoff News
Show Details25min 21s
CelticsLife 014.5: CHI-BOS Game 1 & 2 Post-mortem, Other Playoff Results & More
Show Details30min 42s
CelticsLife 014 - First Round Playoff Preview, Knicks Are Knicking, & More
Show Details28min 49s
CelticsLife Podcast #013.5: The Regular Season Awards Show
Show Details52min 51s
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 013: Playoffs Are Coming, Lonzo Ball, And More
Show Details52min 42s
CelticsLife Podcast 12.5: Tanking - From A Lakers (fan) Vs Celtics (fan) POV
Show Details44min 26s
CelticsLife Podcast #012: The Playoff Picture, The Showdown With The Cavs & More
Show Details37min 45s
CelticsLife Pod 011.5: The Best (NCAA) Draft Prospects Still Dancing
Show Details30min 29s
CelticsLife Podcast - Episode 011: Rection To Heat/C's, Devin Booker's 70...
Show Details42min 43s
CelticsLife Podcast Episode 010.5 - Our First Mailbag
Show Details34min
CelticsLife Podcast Episode 010
Show Details38min 51s
CelticsLife Podcast 009.5: Boston And The East Playoff Race
Show Details40min 28s
CelticsLife Podcast - 009: 2-3 Road Trip, Markelle Fultz, And Celtics/Wizards
Show Details58min 59s
CelticsLife Podcast - 008.5: Where The C's Stand For End Of Year Player Awards
Show Details32min 48s
CelticsLife 008: The C's Beat The Cavs, Jaylen Vs Ingram, A Little ROY Talk And
Show Details1hr 14min
CelticsLife 007: Trade Deadline, All Star Review & More
Show Details52min 16s
CL Pod 006.1 DeMarcus Cousins Emergency Pod: Impact On The Trade Market & More
Show Details33min 50s
CL006: Pre-Trade Deadline Special, The NBA's Flat Earth Society & More
Show Details1hr 9min
CL 005 - The Stinker Vs The Kings, The Knicks Implosion, Trade Talks & More
Show Details1hr 3min
CL 004: A Big Week In BOS Sports, Top Prospects For The Celts In The 2017 NBA Dr
Show Details1hr 16min
CL003: IT4 Named An All-Star Reserve, Ads On Jerseys, Trade Rumbles & More
Show Details53min 52s
CelticsLife 002: IT's All-Star Snub, MELO2BOS?, NBA Expansion & More
Show Details58min 55s
Celticslife 001 - State Of The Season, IT4MVP, Trade Rumors And More
Show Details53min 33s