Celebrating Act 2™ is the user manual for the second half of your life.


Dr Liz Lyster discusses the H word
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Bill Jordan explains EMBRACE THE BOOM
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Holiday Greetings Any Way You Like It Is Good
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Emeritus Programs For Seniors
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UCI Mind
Show Details5min 49s
Bofybuilding At Any Age
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Art's Vegan Diet
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Financial Documents
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Expert Guests
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Family Reunions
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Cancer, Fighting Back!
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Art & John Discuss Their Milford Zornes Documentary
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Art & John Discuss Alzheimer's & Dementia
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Working Part Time
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Celebrating Act 2, What's It All About
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Tricia Burton Star Ice Skater Pursues Her Act2
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Pink Lady Jackie Goldberg, One Of A Kind
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Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco
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Popularity Of Cruises
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Art & John Go To The Chiropractor
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Geneology Is All The Rage Or Is It?
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Social Media At Your Age?
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To Exercise Or Not To Exercise
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Preparing For Your Act 2
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Taking Care Of Yourself
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Celebrating Act 2™ Prescription Coverage with Medicare
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Celebrating Act 2™ Paul Roberts Reinvents Radio
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Celebrating Act 2™ Delta 88s An Act 2 Band
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Celebrating Act 2™ Our Act 2
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Celebrating Act 2™ Living Trusts
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Celebrating Act 2™ Downsizing
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