Our Three Cents

Three idiots giving our two cents. Casual conversations from hypothetical situations to death (:


New Year's Resolution 2022: Reflecting on the past year & looking ahead
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Funny bits: Getting to know Our Three Cents!
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Toxic relationships: Dealing with toxicity from others and overcoming the ones within ourselves
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Boundaries in relationships: How soon is too soon?
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Long distance relationships: Part 2 - After the distance, expectations & a big phat rant
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Long distance relationships: Part 1 - Preparing for an LDR & focusing on yourself
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Online relationships: How has the internet changed the way we connect?
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Platonic vs. romantic relationships: Where do we draw the line?
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Can opposite sex friends be JUST friends?
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Funny bits: What would you want to be reincarnated into after death and more!
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Is it okay to tell a white lie when the truth hurts?
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Cancel culture: Is it right to cancel someone?
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Is forgiveness the only way to find peace?
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COVID-19 in Malaysia: Thoughts on 'Total Lockdown'
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Tattoos and piercings in the workplace
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Do soulmates really exist?
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Introducing Our Three Cents
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