CE5 with an Energetic Empath - John Sistrunk

Season 4 | Episode 5
27m | Apr 24, 2023

Later in this episode you’ll hear my favorite part of this conversation with John Sistrunk, about how powerful work like CE5 can play a meaningful role in healing the inner child inside all of us. CE5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, which means humans initiating contact with extraterrestrial beings through some simple protocols that anyone can do. John describes himself as an energetic empath. We’ll first connect with him when he shares how, at some point, he had an experience with some strange audible tones that he couldn’t explain. This experience dovetailed with his introduction into the CE5 initiative, leading him to learn to make contact at a CSETI training led by Dr. Steven Greer, the founder of the CE5 initiative.

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