What's new in CE5 and Disclosure? - News and Updates

Season 3 | Episode 1
9m | Jan 4, 2021

This podcast has some recent news about the CE5 Initiative, the state of Disclosure as it relates to UFO/ETI information, and the work of Dr. Steven Greer, founder of CSETI, the Disclosure Project and the Orion Project  

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Euphomet interview 

How to See a UFO interview 

CE5 Documentary Film Link 

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Dr. Greer interview with Eric Bass of Shinedown and JM Guarnieri 

CE5 Contact App 

Demi Lovato meditating with Dr. Greer 

CE5 Film Premiere Red Carpet Event 

Dr Steven Greer 1 day workshop 

Witness testimony from November 22nd 

Disclosure Project Witness Videos 

Unacknowledged Film and Book 

UNOD Letter Allowing for Legal Approval of Whistleblowing for Disclosure 

The European Connection - CE5 and France 

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