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The Antithesis exists to clarify the difference Christianity and every system, worldview, and religion. Armed with a big vision of God and a passion for divine grace, we help listeners to understand sound biblical doctrine and to distinguish it from ideologies that seek to take us captive (Colossians 2:8). Our burden is defensive but also offensive: we seek the destruction of intellectual and behavioral strongholds in order that we would taste the joy of a mind set free by Christ (2 Corinthians 10:3-6). Ultimately, The Antithesis seeks to aid in theological discipleship; our goal is to set the heart and mind on fire for God, and to stand immoveable in a chaotic and fallen realm.


Trinitarian Truth in Divisive Times (Best of The Antithesis)
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Getting Critical About Critical Theory (Best of The Antithesis)
Show Details1hr 7min
Be Like Jeremiah: Build Families and Plant Gardens (Best of The Antithesis)
Show Details34min 24s
Steven Furtick’s Dangerous Teaching: Muddling Conversion
Show Details38min
Does Loving Your Neighbor Mean Wearing a Mask? (Best of The Antithesis)
Show Details1hr 3min
Do Christians Have to Obey Vaccines Mandates? (Best of The Antithesis)
Show Details45min 55s
We Love Drag Queens By Opposing Paganism: On Children and Discipleship
Show Details23min 14s
Terrible Evil and Great Heroism in Uvalde: Christian Reflections on a Tragedy
Show Details52min 25s
Christians Need to Take Fun Seriously: Summer Trips and Family Investment
Show Details35min 13s
Are Women Culpable for Getting Abortions? Recovering a Moral Framework in a Therapeutic Age
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The Winsomeness Project Has Failed: Choosing Gospel Boldness Over Cultural Approval
Show Details42min 7s
You Are in a Negative World, Christian: Why Being Nice Is Not a Winning Strategy
Show Details50min 20s
Should Women Wear Tight Leggings? A Biblical Approach to the Beauty of Modesty
Show Details1hr 4min
Jesus Did Not Die for a Website: Why Church Leaders Must Guard the Gospel and Protect the Sheep
Show Details50min 50s
Doubting Thomas: Why Born-Again Believers Must Reject Aquinas's Unbiblical Doctrine
Show Details55min 45s
Destabilized at Best, Destroyed at Worst: On Christianity Today’s Promotion of Evolution and Evangelical Faith
Show Details1hr 4min
We Preach No Generic God: Apologetics That Attack Humanity’s Suppression Problem
Show Details48min 17s
Why Are Men Being Named "Woman of the Year"? How to Speak the Truth in Love to An Androgynous Age
Show Details40min 53s
Why Is “Christian Nationalism” Good in the Ukraine But Bad in America?
Show Details46min 28s
Don't FaceTime Your Wedding: Resisting The Virtualization of the Church
Show Details36min 22s
Holy Boldness: On the Need for Confrontational Preaching and Doxological Living
Show Details35min 2s
Desperately Seeking Eliteness: Why the Evangelical Quest for Cultural Approval Is Bankrupt (and Exhausting)
Show Details37min 33s
Our Transition from a Risk-Taking Culture to a Fear-Based Culture: How to Reject a Secular Spirit
Show Details34min 4s
The Suffering Church: Why We Must Pray for Canadian Christians in Their Hour of Testing
Show Details34min 47s
Truly Hair-Raising: How a Rebellious Age Makes Us Dislike Divine Design (and How Christians Should Respond)
Show Details39min 8s
Tim Keller and Critical Theory: Why You Should Trust God’s Truth Over Every Ideology
Show Details1hr 6min
Do Not Be Afraid: How Christmas Reveals Our True Hope
Show Details35min 55s
Men Who Run Toward Danger: On Tate Myre and Strong Biblical Manhood
Show Details29min 56s
Let's Talk About Anti-Racism: On the Salvation Army's Unexpected Wokeness
Show Details31min 37s
The Rittenhouse Verdict: After the Fire Comes Justice
Show Details31min 43s
Does "Weaker Vessel" Womanhood Mean Inferior Womanhood? On 1 Peter 3 and God's Design
Show Details31min 35s
The Biblical Godhead: On the Scourge of Arianism and the Otherworldly Beauty of Authority and Submission
Show Details1hr 7min
You Are Always in God's Hands: On the Beauty of God's Protection
Show Details24min 2s
Steven Furtick's Grave Error: A Response to His Denial Of Conversion
Show Details37min 19s
Don't Waste Your Citizenship: On Acts 22 and Paul's Example
Show Details41min 45s
Biblical Truth for Bad Times: Seven Realities of Christian Citizenship in a Fallen World
Show Details45min 31s
Everything Matters: Recovering and Living Out the Reformational Doctrine of Soli Deo Gloria
Show Details32min 9s
William Lane Craig Misfires on the Historical Adam: Why Theology Depends on Historicity
Show Details52min 31s
Do Not Fear Death: Why Christians Live Differently from Unbelievers
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In this episode, Dr. Strachan examines the fear of death and through this text: Hebrews 2:14–18.

Naturally we fear death. In Christ, death has lost its sting and Christians should no longer fear death and plan our lives accordingly.

First, know this: we naturally do fear death.

Second, we are freed from the fear of death.

Third, we are not allowed to fear death any longer.

Fourth, our lives should be structured accordingly.


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44min 41s
Published Sep 17, 2021 at 4:05am
Plant Gardens: On Living Like an Israelite in Babylon
Show Details33min 30s
Does Caesar Control the Church? On Sphere Sovereignty and a Theology of Jurisdiction
Show Details42min 42s
Should Churches Require Vaccine Passports? Why Christians Must Not Unbiblically Bind Consciences
Show Details50min 27s
Does Love of Neighbor Demand Christians Follow Mask Mandates? A Biblical Approach to a Hard Question
Show Details1hr 2min
Should You Obey Vaccine Mandates from Your Employer? A Biblical Approach to Governmental Authority"
Show Details45min 8s
Resist Captivity at All Costs: 5 Signs You’re Being Influenced by a Post-Truth Culture
Show Details21min 32s
Every Christian to the Wall: Opposing Our Generational Challenge to the Gospel
Show Details16min 32s
What Is Wokeness? Answering a Hard Question in Light of the Gospel
Show Details14min 34s
Christianity is the True System: On Wokeness and My Book Launch Team
Show Details15min 3s
Announcing a Change: City of God Is Becoming The Antithesis
Show Details17min 39s
Your Best Death Now: The Way of Christ and Our Liberation from Fear
Show Details23min 56s
Wokeness Divides, But Christ Unites: Analyzing 7 Key Woke Ideas in Light of the Gospel
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Strong Challenges Call for Strong Men: On the Louisiana Deputy Who Saved a Family by His Strength
Show Details18min 39s
How to Survive and Thrive as a Christian in Evil Days: A Battle Plan for 2021
Show Details26min 50s
God Is Not Asleep: Rightly Interpreting Divine Silence
Show Details32min 57s
Does the Equality Act Yield Equality? Six Possible Side Effects of the New Legislation
Show Details39min 52s
A Saved Man, an Open Church: Trinity Bible Chapel and Jacob Reaume’s Brave Stand
Show Details27min 43s
Religious Liberty Imperiled: The Unjust Imprisonment of Pastor James Coates
Show Details28min 54s
God, Truth, and Social Justice: An Interview with Jeff Johnson
Show Details27min 42s
When Girls are Wronged: A Christian Response to Biden’s Executive Order
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Something Better than Safe: Christian Confidence in Scary Days
Show Details35min 13s
Tough-Mindedness in Tough Times: Christianity in 2021
Show Details25min 45s
The Tenets of ‘Tenet’: On the Secular Humanism
Show Details9min 43s
Joe Biden, Transgenderism, and Pro-Life Voting: Being Salt & Light in Our Times
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Godly Parenting in a Pop-Culture Age: Wisdom from Jared Moore
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Jesus Is the Main Character of James: On Wisdom with Jeremy Vuolo
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New York to LA: On Life and Ministry with Jeremy Vuolo
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Churchillian Leadership with Dr. Jason Allen: Winston Churchill’s Accomplishments
Show Details23min 4s
Churchillian Leadership with Dr. Jason Allen: Winston Churchill the Man
Show Details19min 30s
How to Be a Man: Practical Wisdom
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How to Be a Man: Theological Truths
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Should Churches Sing Bethel and Hillsong Music? A Conversation with Costi Hinn
Show Details25min
The Anointed Prosperity Gospel Preacher: Costi Hinn’s Story
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An Angry Age: Critic Joseph Bottum on the Fading Mainline and Raging Youth
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How Do Christians and Churches Submit to the Government: Toward an Exegetical Theology
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Staying God-Centered in Destabilized Times
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Should Couples Say “We’re Pregnant”? On Gender-Neutrality with Gavin Peacock
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Curse the Darkness and Start a Classical School: Bob Thune on Education
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A New Way to Be Liberal: On Emergent Theology with Dean Inserra
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George Floyd, Riots, and the Gospel: A Prayerful Response to Cultural Chaos
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Killing Sin at the Root Level: A Conversation with Gavin Peacock
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Raised to Love the Church: A Conversation with Dustin Benge
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Keep Your Eyes on the Trees: Trees, Family, and Life in ‘1917’
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Remembering Winston: Lessons from the Last Lion
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How Can We Survive–And Thrive–in a Season of Crisis
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Are Evangelicals to Blame for the Coronavirus Spread? A Response to Katherine Stewart
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In a Soft Age, Christians Should Discipline the Body
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David Brooks’s Essay on the Nuclear Family Is a Mixed Bag
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The Creator is Distinct from the Creature: Meaningful Distinctions Today
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A Most Profound Film: The Meaning of ‘1917’
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Can a 45-Year-Old Man be an 8-Year-Old Girl?
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Remembering Roger Scruton, a Philosopher and a Gentleman
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Cultural Criticism When Everyone’s a Critic: On Christopher Lasch
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The Reenchantment of Our Humanity: Hope in a Hopeless Time
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Seven Year-Old Boys are Not Little Girls: On Witness
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Feeding and Feasting on the Word of God
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Get Some Dirt on Your Boots: Christian Political Engagement
Show Details37min 48s
Why Christians Should Engage Film (Carefully)
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How Should Christians Approach Drag Queen Story Hour?
Show Details22min 4s
Christ Is Our Hermeneutics: What Difference Does a Cross Make?
Show Details17min 16s
Christ Is Our Hermeneutics: On Textual Meaning
Show Details18min 26s
Socialist Argument, Luxury Apartment: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Inconsistency
Show Details14min 58s
Stop Worshipping Your Smartphone: Brad Merchant on Technological Addiction
Show Details23min 6s
Your Attention Is Valuable: On Digital Minimalism
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Socialism Is a Utopian Fiction: Helping Students Think Well
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Don’t Give Up on Manhood: What the APA Gets Wrong
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Four Reasons to Read a God-Centered Theologian in 2019
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The Man Who Shaped Evangelicalism: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards
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The Main Thing Is the Main Thing: H. B. Charles on Pastoral Ministry
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You Can Have a Theological Ministry: Steve Lawson on God-Glorifying Service
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The Church Prophetic: Part 2
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The Church Prophetic: Part 1
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What Is Biblical Prophecy? A Conversation with Tom Schreiner
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Is Christianity “Unhitched” from the Old Testament?
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The Bible Is for Life: Christian Ethics with Wayne Grudem
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The World Cup and the Christian Athlete
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Is Jonathan Edwards Essential?
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The Conservative Is the True Progressive
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Young, Restless, Reformed in a Secular Age: On Charles Taylor
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The Theology of Rob Bell and the Post-Evangelicals
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