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Being Better is a show in which each week we take a concept, a practice or a story to learn how it can make us better. Among the episode topics, you can find productivity techniques, habit development, physical or mental practices as well as interviews with experts in different fields.

We hope that this show can help you become the person you've always wanted to be.


Motivation is overrated
Show Details30min
Cade Prior on the art of freelancing, ethical advertising, and digital minimalism
Show Details1hr 29min
Lara Kamal on black holes, becoming a scientist as an immigrant, and gender equality in STEM
Show Details1hr 19min
Lucy Scarborough on body dysmorphia, toxicity of the self-improvement culture, and skydiving
Show Details58min 59s
How to beat inner resistance and do the work
Hide Details27min 59s

Episode 22

What is the feeling we encounter when we really don’t want do do something? This negative force repelling us from doing our work? How can we fight this inner resistance? In this episode you will learn all about the ways to combat this destructive force and the habits that can be helpful in this fight.


Disney Pixar movie "Soul"


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27min 59s
Published Mar 11, 2021 at 7:27am
The one habit to change your life
Show Details22min 49s
Belén Castelló & Tristan Bogaard on monetizing a passion, cycling the world, and slow travel
Show Details1hr 22min
Book discussion - Tao Te Ching
Show Details31min 47s
Flora Beverly on sustainability, mental health, and mindful social media usage
Show Details51min 27s
Why I am vegan and why you don’t have to be
Show Details27min 45s
Jada Jones on building an online business, not going to college, and journaling for success
Show Details1hr 12min
Conclusions from a 30-day social media detox
Show Details38min 35s
How to fight (and win) with procrastination w/ Kat Gonzales
Show Details1hr 10min
How to start running
Show Details30min 43s
Book discussion - Meditation for beginners
Show Details29min 29s
How to build the habit of reading
Show Details31min 10s
The freedom of owning less
Show Details30min 20s
How to have a sustainable Christmas celebration
Show Details32min 36s
Applying the principles of stoicism to our daily life
Show Details30min 4s
How perfectionism is holding you back and what to do about it
Show Details34min 29s
How to master of any skill you want
Show Details31min 7s
The transformative influence of the people in our lives
Show Details30min 45s
How to become a morning person
Show Details32min 17s
Book discussion - Switch
Show Details28min 32s
I’ve been running every day for 2 years and this is what happened
Show Details31min 1s
The Productivity Analogy
Show Details23min 3s
Ep.0 - Welcome to Being Better
Show Details4min 2s