In The Wild

True and gripping tales of survival, tragedy, and triumph from the depths of the wild.


Tables Turned on Partridge Hunter
Show Details8min 20s
Lost in The Ampersand Wilderness
Show Details12min 2s
Saved by His Dog
Show Details9min 21s
A Cold Night in the North Carolina Mountains
Show Details6min 30s
Bronx Boy Lost
Show Details10min 33s
A Tale of Proactive Action, Luck, and Survival
Show Details10min 37s
Cave Confinement
Show Details11min 11s
Forestry Student Lost in The Woods
Show Details10min 12s
A Tale Like No Other
Show Details8min 14s
Sheltering in Place
Show Details4min 53s
Leisurely Alaskan Hike Turned Avalanche
Show Details8min 13s
Trapped Cliffside
Show Details8min 26s
Stranded in the Grand Canyon
Show Details6min 47s
A Lost Boy
Show Details18min 57s
Rock Star Life Becomes an Unspeakable Nightmare
Show Details8min 26s
Cold, Hungry, and Desperate
Show Details6min 27s
Wandering in Bitterroot
Show Details6min 19s
Sierra Nevada Views Turn Deadly
Show Details6min 25s
The Sinking of the Jascon 4
Show Details13min 33s
Disaster at Sago Mine
Show Details5min 49s
Lost at Obstruction Point
Show Details6min 9s
Lost in Humboldt
Show Details6min 25s
In The Wild Trailer
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