The Back Row Jets Show - A New York Jets Podcast

Tom Tuttle and John Eddy of The Fantasy Fuel Podcast bring you a Back Row hosted show ALL about the J-E-T-S get the idea. All JETS, all season long!


Week 5 - More of the Same?
Show Details17min 50s
The Reason Sam Darnold Looks Bad
Show Details21min 32s
Show Details21min 32s
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Show Details22min 24s
Cuts, Injuries and Week 1 is HERE!
Show Details25min 42s
Who Needs an Offense? Not us!
Show Details24min 13s
Get Hype! Good News From Camp!
Show Details22min 47s
Back To Camp...and the Hamstring Injury
Show Details17min 16s
Interview With Former Jets Scout Daniel Kelly
Show Details51min 12s
C.J. Mosley Opts Out
Show Details16min 46s
It's Over! It Is Done! Jamal Adams is Going to Seattle!
Show Details25min 20s
What If Brett Favre Didn't Get Hurt?
Show Details25min 36s
Lev on Jamal - Mims on Madden
Show Details27min 16s
Robby Trashed Sam
Show Details19min 41s
Coaches on Jamal / Sam's Progression
Show Details19min
OK, Jamal, We Get It!
Show Details30min 46s
Supernatural Powers
Show Details23min 56s
NY Jets Fantasy Options - Kyle Long?
Show Details32min 27s
Greeny Loves Darnold
Show Details24min 31s
Jamal Adams Rumors and The Best Jets of All Time
Show Details39min 45s
A Review of Sam Darnold in the 2019 Victories
Show Details28min 56s
Frank Gore and the 2020 New York Jets Schedule
Show Details34min 16s
Asking Some Hard Hitting Questions About Your J E T S !
Show Details32min 33s
Did Joe Douglas Nail the 2020 NFL Draft?
Show Details40min 32s
Logan Ryan? Have we learned anything from the 2019 Draft?
Show Details34min 41s
What is Clowney Doing? Who Did We Take in and NFL Mock Draft?
Show Details31min 45s
2020 Jets Opponents
Show Details34min 55s
What Will the Jets Do in the Draft?
Show Details17min 11s
Are We Happy With Joe Douglas So Far?
Show Details28min 33s
Who Wants a Wide Receiver in Free Agency?
Show Details27min 9s
Let's Help Sam Darnold!
Show Details27min 2s