289: Lookin New York City, Feelin Northeast Ohio

2h 9m | Apr 11, 2023

Chris, Eli, and I cracked the seal on the podcast booth - dusty from almost two months of disuse - and talked Cavs and the Association till we were loooong in the tooth. First we reviewed our (very prescient) pre-season predictions about the Cavs' win/loss record, then took our victory laps about things we were right about and things that surprised us. Next up, we reviewed the last two Cavs' games which were meaningless in terms of standings, but might inform some rotations and tactics in the playoffs. 

Forgive us for stealing from Soundgarden, but instead of looking California and feeling Minnesota like most of the NBA is before tonight's Lakers/Wolves matchup, we dove deep on the Cavs' season and the pending matchup between the Knicks and the Cavs.

The Cavs are one of the weakest defensive rebounding teams, and New York is one of the best offensive rebounding teams. That discussion loomed large as we all picked a close series, with a lot of x-factors in play: rebounding, officiating, rotations, shooting, health (Okoro's and Randle's), RJ Barrett, Evan Mobley, Young Thibs, Old Thibs, and home court advantage. There was a lot to unpack, but one thing was clear: we all wanted to see less Lamar and more Dean and Cedi, as the Cavs' simply must improve their three-point proclivity in the playoffs. It all led to one question with surprising answers: how many games does J.B. Bickerstaff have to win to keep his job?

After that the guys went through the other play-in and playoff series, handed out their post-season awards, and by the time we were done, it was midnight.

Finally, Thanks to our friends at FOCO (Forever Collectibles) for sending us some Cavs gear and this unique Bobblehead featuring Donovan Mitchell in the City Edition Jersey (title photo)! For any sports fan looking for unique collectibles, check these guys out!

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