293: Kimchi and Pesto

Season 2023 | Episode 293
1h 51m | Aug 2, 2023

Chris Francis and Nate Smith hop back in the podcast booth to cover some much needed business for the Cavs. First up? Breaking down Darius Garland's recent interview with Chris Fedor. Then we embarked on yet another review of free agency. Are the Cavs done? Or are they holding out a roster spot or two for an end of the summer free agent? Nate and Chris pitched the guys they'd like to see, and then they delve into a little Cavalier trade slop centered around Jarrett Allen.

Next up, a long overdue Summer League wrap-up. Chris and Nate broke down all the the main guys' summer performances and their odds of contributing to the Cavs' varsity squad this coming season. Emoni Bates was top of mind as the whole CtB staff was impressed with Emoni's game and improvement over two weeks in Vegas. Isaiah Mobley, Sam "the elder statesman" Merrill, Craig Porter Junior, and Sharife Cooper all got good grades while the reviews were controversially mixed with some upside on Diop, Travers, and Nance the Younger.

We laughed at the Donovan Mitchell click-bait that spread through Cavs' online discourse last week, concluding - among other things - that a year was a long way away.

Finally, we pitched some pizza recommendations, including the jarring juxtaposition mentioned in our title (Nate says it's a revelation, but you've got to check out the ingredients that go with it). All-in-all, it's a fun midsummer catch-up with your favorite Cavs: the Blog bloggers!

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