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CastJunkie is a monthly show that highlights and reviews podcasts from all genres to help listeners find something new for their queue.


Dice Tower Theatre Promo
Show Details12min 34s
2020 Christmas Update
Show Details10min 53s
True Spies
Show Details7min 54s
Top of the Round
Show Details8min 23s
September Update
Show Details5min 11s
June 2020 Update
Show Details2min 37s
REWIND: Very Bad Words
Show Details6min 47s
REWIND: Bronzeville
Show Details5min 6s
REWIND: Oz 9 Season 1
Show Details9min 4s
Keeg's Quest
Show Details9min 11s
Listen Rinse Repeat
Show Details5min 43s
The Leviathan Chronicles
Show Details11min 26s
Dumb People Town
Show Details9min 59s
The Habitat
Show Details7min 13s
Show Details8min 39s
This is War
Show Details11min 5s
We're Alive: Goldrush
Show Details12min 58s
Family Ghosts
Show Details9min 8s
Show Details8min 25s
Show Details8min 30s
1865: The Audio Drama
Show Details8min 22s
Inn Between Season One
Show Details7min 13s
The Wild
Show Details7min 46s
Show Details7min
Unexplained Mysteries
Show Details8min 49s
Husk Season One
Show Details7min 7s
American History Tellers
Show Details10min 37s
Drift and Ramble
Show Details6min 56s
Return Home
Show Details5min 59s
gone cold podcast - texas true crime
Show Details6min 18s
A Ninth World Journal Season One
Show Details7min 33s
November 2019 Chat (Big Announcement)
Show Details9min 49s
My Stuttering Life
Show Details8min 21s
FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast
Show Details10min 30s
The Phenomenon Season Two
Show Details7min 25s
Meet My Ghost
Show Details6min 26s
The Phenomenon Season One
Show Details7min 48s
Black Star Chronicles
Show Details6min 18s
Histories, Mysteries, & Conspiracies
Show Details6min 34s
Sex With Emily
Show Details8min 31s
Our True Crime Podcast
Show Details8min 23s
Oz 9 Season 1
Show Details8min 1s
Laughing in the Dark
Show Details8min 42s
Haunted Places
Show Details7min 59s
3 Spooked Girls
Show Details9min 30s
D&D Character Lab
Show Details11min 16s
Best In Galaxy
Show Details9min 8s
Show Details11min 9s
Twisted Britain
Show Details8min 22s
Modology Motorsports
Show Details8min 40s
July 2019 Chat
Show Details11min 35s
Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo
Show Details7min 45s
Dark saga : Aethuran
Show Details9min 47s
The Good Morning Guys
Show Details8min 34s
Death In Ice Valley
Show Details6min 35s
Show Details7min 5s
A Scottish Podcast Season 1
Show Details3min 37s
The Ladies Of Strange
Show Details6min 13s
Show Details8min 6s
Love and Luck
Show Details10min 39s
Going West: True Crime
Show Details7min 50s
Heritage Road
Show Details4min 37s
We're Alive
Show Details10min 35s
Married To The Games
Show Details9min 18s
April 2019 Chat
Show Details7min 18s
Someone Knows Something Season Three
Show Details8min 25s
Show Details5min 46s
Giant Bomb
Show Details7min 23s
Missing Richard Simmons
Show Details4min 47s
Show Details7min 31s
Business Wars
Show Details7min 7s
DTR – The Official Tinder Podcast
Show Details6min 24s
The Bright Sessions
Show Details8min
Show Details7min 18s
King Falls AM
Show Details9min 48s
Very Bad Words
Show Details5min 52s
Someone Knows Something Season Two
Show Details6min 52s
Show Details5min 6s
Someone Knows Something Season One
Show Details4min 47s
Historical Figures
Show Details7min 51s
Ear Hustle Season Two
Show Details7min 30s
The Sip
Show Details6min 57s
The Nod
Show Details4min 8s
Show Details8min 41s
Ear Hustle Season One
Show Details7min 4s
Announcement Trailer
Show Details2min 50s