• S2:E15 - An Anniversary to Remember

    Today's episode is MUTE WITNESS TO MURDER where CJ wonders how many people make up a party, a stunt person takes Top 5, and a mad doctor somehow has the skills of a kung-fu master!

    Shriek of the Week:

    Visage (2020) & P.T. (2016)

    52m | Nov 2, 2020
  • S2:E14 - Nature's Morst Terrifying Freak

    Transport back to a simpler time with LOWER BERTH where CJ talks about the things content creators have to go through, oddly specific mummy curses, and the history of his nemesis the Cryptkeeper!

    Shriek of the Week:

    Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (2020)

    49m | Oct 23, 2020
  • S2:E13 - The Sexiest Job in the World

    Today's episode is KORMAN'S KALAMITY where we get an inside look of the workings of EC Comics, CJ talks about the struggle of the artist, and the writers throw out the source material entirely!

    Shriek of the Week:

    The Haunting of Bly Manor (20200

    45m | Oct 18, 2020
  • S2:E11 - Warlock Wet Dreams

    CJ watches JUDY, YOU'RE NOT YOURSELF TODAY and gets upset about poor trigger discipline, no one heeding Poltergeist's warnings, and god-level emergency improv skills. This week's episode is a shout out to Freaky Friday but NOT to Lindsey Lohan.

    Shriek of the Week:

    Everything about October!

    50m | Oct 4, 2020
  • S2:E10 - A Tetsuo Type Situation?


    Don Rickles and Bobcat Goldthwait go absolutely crazy in THE VENTRIOLQUIST'S DUMMY where people meet their idols, talent shows are booked weirdly, and puppets turn murderous!

    Stay tuned for bonus content!

    Shriek of the Week:

    Castlevania (2017)

    44m | Sep 28, 2020
  • S2:E9 - No Bras on TV

    It's back! Cast from the Crypt has returned from the dead just like the Cryptkeeper himself!

    This week is FOUR-SIDED TRIANGLE about Patricia Arquette being too hot and a pervy old farmer who's jealous of a scarecrow. CJ tried to move, hillbillies have a marital spat, and a woman actually screws a scarecrow in the comic.

    Shriek of the Week:

    The California fires. They scary. Please help if you can!

    42m | Sep 13, 2020
  • S2:E8 - Obvious Slimeball

    It's a comedy ripped right off the pages of Roger Rabbit. Well, not entirely, but it is a fun episode of crime, rock & roll (for some reason), and murder! In today's episode, CJ throws out the Top 5 list, we learn about the Cryptkeeper's former life, and Sam Kinnison screams at us all day.

    Shriek of the Week:

    In Voorhees We Trust podcast

    55m | Mar 7, 2020
  • S2:E7 - It's Always Gold Diggers

    I know people are in the Valentine's Day mood, but this is ridiculous! Today's episode is about love and the hurdles that must be overcome for it to flourish. Also murder. CJ figures out the secret to getting rich, learns a couple of things, and MICHAEL IRONSIDES IS IN THE EPISODE!

    Shriek of the Week:

    Spiral (2020)

    45m | Feb 15, 2020
  • S2:E6 - Love Hurts

    Romance (not much), jealousy, MURDER! This episode of TFTC is back to clean-cut, straightforward karmic weirdness. A love triangle ends in tragedy... kind of... CJ admits his love for a dog, the Cryptkeeper can't keep it in his pants, and we learn not to take promises lightly.

    Shriek of the Week:

    Midsommar (2019)

    46m | Feb 8, 2020
  • S2:E5 - Think About the Optics

    In today's TFTC episode, a non-poly anniversary trip has a bit too many people involved. A weird episode of the show for a weird episode of the podcast. A comic gets turned into a nightmare, passive-aggressiveness reigns supreme, and CJ loses his mind with people's lack of communication skills!

    Shriek of the Week:

    The Color from Space (2020)

    1h 1m | Jan 29, 2020
  • S2:E4 - Voodouchebags

    In this episode the worst people get what they deserve, CJ reveals the location of his studio, and we question how to do an entire city's makeup!

    Shriek of the Week:

    None :( go watch a horror movie with a friend this weekend!

    56m | Jan 23, 2020
  • S2:E3 Learning Things from the Cryptkeeper

    Willing to bet this is a great episode? This week's episode is Cutting Cards about two gamblers waiting for the other's luck to run out. CJ gets confused by the minds of gamblers, endorses a movie he hasn't even watched, and has some troubles with the Top 5 credits.

    Shriek of the Week:

    A Quiet Place 2 (2020)

    38m | Jan 9, 2020
  • S2:E2 - What's a Muscle Beach?

    Last episode of 2019! Another banger out the gate of season 2! CJ talks about unnecessary fight scenes, Star Wars connections, and TV's creepiest old man.

    Shriek of the Week:

    Fantasy Island (2020)

    39m | Dec 31, 2019
  • S2:E1 - Murdering with Clairvoyance

    Happy HoliCRAZE everyone! Season 2 opens with the strongest episode so far! Today CJ finds out that porns have IMDb pages, he talks about a hostless comic, and dissects the abilities of the most powerful antagonist we've seen in this series.

    Shriek of the Week:

    ANTLERS (2020)

    52m | Dec 26, 2019
  • Season 1 Wrap Up!

    It's the end of Season 1! 6 episodes, 19 LA Law actors, and a lot more laughs. CJ's wrapping up this first season with an award show! He talks about top 5 credits of the entire season, funniest moments, and getting with Marty McFly's mom.

    Shriek of the Week:

    IT Chapter 2 on Blu-Ray

    28m | Dec 13, 2019
  • S1:E6 - The Most Boomer Shit Ever

    It's the season 1 finale! CJ goes full millennial, explores the hardships of marriage, and asks important questions like: Why would Stepford wives need revenge?

    Shriek of the Week:

    Resident Evil 3: NEMISIS remake (2020)

    45m | Dec 5, 2019
  • S1:E5 - Legitimate Gimli Ass Battleaxe

    This week: two people get married for the wrong reasons, Spider-Man himself makes an appearance, and CJ finally gets a sponsor!

    Shriek of the Week:

    Dead by Daylight Cursed Legacy expansion

    41m | Nov 28, 2019
  • S1:E4 - Captain Midnight

    This episode goes deep into the Top 5 episode credits and a certain hero who fought for the common nerd. We also talk about some horror show's episode about a lady of the night turning into a lady of the fright (now he's got me doing it), but it's MOSTLY about John R MacDougall and HBO.

    42m | Nov 20, 2019
  • S1:E3 - Cats Are Wolverine

    This week it's episode 3: "DIg That Cat... He's Real Gone" about a semi-immortal man who gets into trouble trying to profit off of his deaths. CJ talks about his top 10 credits, Ulric's escapades in the comic vs the show, and if the Cryptkeeper named his dick.

    Shriek of the Week:

    I dunno… the BTs in Death Stranding???

    39m | Nov 14, 2019
  • S1:E2 - Give My Stuff to the Nick Monster

    A murderess kills the only person tall enough to protect her from an insane Santa, CJ shills for a video game and proves he's still a little scared of the Cryptkeeper, and we learn that the most terrifying horror monster of all is locked doors!

    Shriek of the Week: Teppen (mobile game)- The Devils Awaken expansion

    34m | Nov 7, 2019
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