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Cast From the Crypt

Cast From the Crypt is a comedy podcast where host CJ Roby breaks down every episode of Tales From the Crypt after seeing them for the very first time. He compares the show and comics, relives his childhood fears of the Cryptkeeper, and talks about other bloody fun horror content.


S2:E15 - An Anniversary to Remember
Show Details52min 10s
S2:E14 - Nature's Morst Terrifying Freak
Show Details49min 39s
S2:E13 - The Sexiest Job in the World
Show Details45min 44s
S2:E11 - Warlock Wet Dreams
Show Details50min 57s
S2:E10 - A Tetsuo Type Situation?
Show Details44min 41s
S2:E9 - No Bras on TV
Show Details42min 27s
S2:E8 - Obvious Slimeball
Show Details55min 57s
S2:E7 - It's Always Gold Diggers
Show Details45min 54s
S2:E6 - Love Hurts
Show Details46min 10s
S2:E5 - Think About the Optics
Show Details1hr 2min
S2:E4 - Voodouchebags
Show Details56min 1s
S2:E3 Learning Things from the Cryptkeeper
Show Details38min 37s
S2:E2 - What's a Muscle Beach?
Show Details39min 20s
S2:E1 - Murdering with Clairvoyance
Show Details52min 42s
Season 1 Wrap Up!
Show Details28min 43s
S1:E6 - The Most Boomer Shit Ever
Show Details45min 56s
S1:E5 - Legitimate Gimli Ass Battleaxe
Show Details41min 37s
S1:E4 - Captain Midnight
Show Details42min 35s
S1:E3 - Cats Are Wolverine
Show Details39min 36s
S1:E2 - Give My Stuff to the Nick Monster
Show Details34min 5s
S1:E1 - Horny for Electricity
Show Details46min 55s