Casey 50-04-13 336 The Disappearance Of Mr Dizzel

25m | Jun 19, 2020

Casey, Crime Photographer was a popular radio show that aired from 1943 to 1955 on CBS. The show was based on the character of Jack "Flashgun" Casey, a crime photographer for the fictional newspaper The Morning Express, created by novelist George Harmon Coxe.

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The show followed Casey as he solved crimes alongside his reporter friend, Ann Williams, and his other friends at their favorite hangout, the Blue Note Cafe. The Blue Note was also a jazz club, and the show often featured musical performances from the Archie Bleyer Orchestra and the Teddy Wilson Trio.

Casey, Crime Photographer was a long-running and popular show, and it helped to popularize the character of Jack "Flashgun" Casey, who also appeared in pulp magazines, novels, comic books, films, and television.

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