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Career Revamp

Welcome to Career Revamp hosted by Alicia Perkins! This show was created to inspire professionals to take control of their careers and stop settling. It's to revamp the way you think about your career & start setting your own terms.


Your Career Success Hinges On This
Show Details19min 41s
My Career Principles
Show Details18min 5s
Personal Development Is More Important Than Professional Development
Show Details21min 49s
EP11: Myths About Landing a Job
Show Details24min 48s
EP10: How to Overcome Self-Sabotage in Your Career
Show Details16min 17s
EP9: Are Dream Jobs Real?
Show Details11min 59s
EP8: Why Do We Stay in Jobs We Hate
Show Details18min 43s
EP7: Here's How You Own The Interview Process
Show Details25min 26s
EP6: Ok, So You Want a Better Job? Own It!
Show Details22min 50s
EP5:Let's Talk About What's Holding You Back
Show Details26min 50s
EP4: How to Change Careers The Right Way
Show Details20min 15s
EP3: It's Time To Get Clear On What You Want
Show Details21min 44s
EP2:-The Cost of Settling in Your Career
Show Details25min 32s
EP1:Welcome To Career Revamp
Show Details3min 32s