The Pot Prince Of Bel-Air —Todd McCormick (Episode 19)

1h 16m | Sep 6, 2022
THE POT PRINCE OF BEL-AIR - featuring legendary cannabis activist and author TODD MCCORMICK (Episode 19). In the latest edition of Cannthropology, host Bobby Black speaks with legendary cannabis activist, author, cultivator, collector—and fellow cannthropologist—Todd McCormick. McCormick reflects back on his lifelong legal battle for medical marijuana, his time in prison, his many books and film projects, his new seed company Authentic Genetics, and his friendships with OG cannabis activists and cultivation icons (such as Jack Herer, Dr. Tod Mikuriya, Brownie Mary, and Dennis Peron), as well as pro-pot celebrities like Bill Maher, Woody Harrelson, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner, Timothy Leary, and Tommy Chong.