Why Realtors need an email contact list // Canadian Real Estate Marketing Podcast #008

Season 1 | Episode 8
12m | Jul 20, 2020

You don't own your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - the platform operators allow you access to THEIR audiences. But what happens if those audiences go away? (See the uncertainly regarding TicTok in the US as of July 2020.) Or what if paid ad prices get so expensive that Canadian Realtors can no longer afford to advertise on these sites? Your contact list and your own brand should act as a life preserver in a worst case scenario. Listen to this week's episode as Val and Paul discuss why real estate agents in Canada need to take ownership of their digital audiences.

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The Canadian Real Estate Marketing Podcast is a weekly podcast that tackles the best techniques and strategies for Canadian real estate agents that want to grow their business using digital media, specifically digital video.

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